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Referral & Loyalty Program for All Types of Businesses
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Unleash the Power of Referral & Loyalty Programs To Supercharge Customer Acquisition & Retention

Friendbuy's team of customer attraction and retention specialists have decades of combined experience in assisting top accessory brands in captivating pet owners, boosting customer engagement, and increasing lifetime value.

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Our Expertise Helps Power Your Success 

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Trusted by all types of Fashion & Apparel brands 

Friendbuy’s referral and loyalty platform is designed to help all types of pet care and supply companies — with all types of business models — succeed. And our in-house experts will work hand-in-hand with your team to create the programs that both your team and customers will love. 

“We’re leveraging Friendbuy and Klaviyo together to drive the first retention and customer acquisition."

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Erin Walters
Email Marketing Associate, Natural Dog Company

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Adaptable programs to meet your needs 

Friendbuy’s platform enables you to create referral and loyalty programs as unique as your business that increase purchases no matter how your customers buy.

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Word-of-Mouth marketing programs pet owners love almost as much as their furry friends  

Friendbuy’s industry-leading referral program software helps transform passive customers into full-on brand advocates and will be your best channel for acquiring new customers. And our best-in-class loyalty program software ensures the highest lifetime value from your most important customers.


Completely custom designs 


Our dedicated team is ready to collaborate with you and bring your campaign ideas to life with completely custom referral and loyalty programs. From URL structures to CTA button design, we’ll ensure everything matches your brand guidelines and customers’ preferences. Or if you’d prefer, you can create campaigns all on your own by leveraging our tried-and-true referral and loyalty templates for email, SMS, landing pages, and widgets as the building blocks for your customized programs.

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Customizable earning actions, rewards & campaigns 


Pet owners are always looking for new ways to keep their 4-legged best friends healthy and happy. And that’s why Friendbuy’s platform enables pet care brands to create unlimited campaigns with custom earning events that reward shoppers in a wide variety of ways that are most important to your bottom line. 


Comprehensive analytics & tracking


Our in-depth analytics and reporting dashboard provides you with a clear view of how your referral and loyalty programs are performing, so you can make data-driven decisions at every step in your customer conversion funnels. Valuable data is also easily exportable to the customer data platform or BI tool of your choice. 


A/B testing tools


Friendbuy’s user-friendly platform makes it easy to create tests that provide invaluable insights into your campaigns so you can make data-driven decisions to drive unprecedented growth for your business. A/B and multivariate testing tools inside the platform are easy to use and available at your fingertips.


Protect customer data & your program’s integrity 


Friendbuy employs cutting-edge algorithms and security protocols to identify and block deceptive actions like self-referrals, duplicate accounts, and counterfeit referrals. Moreover, our platform adheres rigorously to data privacy and security standards, including GDPR, TCPA, CAN-SPAM, CCPA, SOC II, ISO, and CASL, ensuring your data's integrity and protection.



Robust integrations with your existing tech stack

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