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Leverage the Friendbuy & Tremendous integration to seamlessly reward Advocates and referred Friends with cash or 3rd Party Gift Cards, unlocking new possibilities for your referral strategy.

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Your customers can choose their referral rewards

Upon a successful referral conversion, Tremendous will automatically generate rewards links that will be dynamically inserted into emails sent by Friendbuy to your Advocates and referred Friends.

You pick the reward option(s), messaging, and visual presentation that you'd like your customers to see.

All of this can be done at face value for all our digital rewards and prepaid cards, so you don't have to worry about additional fees.


Incentivize Repeat Referral Behavior

The easier it is to claim and receive an enticing reward, the more likely people will refer multiple times. The referral reward experience should be seamless and fulfillment should be automated so your team doesn't have to dedicate resources to manually fulfilling rewards.

Automated Reward Fulfillment
Generate reward links on-the-fly, after every successful conversion
Unlimited Campaigns
Configure different reward types for different campaigns (i.e., Referrals, Ambassadors, Sweepstakes or Limited Time Offers)
Seamless Notifications
Reward links are dynamically inserted into Reward and Incentive Emails

“There's nothing more powerful than word of mouth. Learning about a new product from a friend is the original form of advertising -and we've found that Friendbuy + Tremendous enable us to incentivize and reward this behavior at scale. Leveraging Tremendous to compensate brand advocates has been huge for us and allows for the perception of a higher value reward than traditional store credit.”

Whitney Blau

Head of Conversational Marketing at Burrow

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