Beautiful, Branded Referral Templates

Activate referrals anywhere on your site and in your mobile app.  From incorporating friend referral to your site navigation, or in a post-purchase prompt, Friendbuy widget templates are mobile-friendly and optimized for encouraging, easy sharing. Make real-time edits with your custom assets for on-brand referral experience.

Personalization and segmentation options for campaigns will deliver targeted offers to the right user at the right time, to boost conversion performance based on any conditional logic.

Referral UI
Reward Fulfillment

Automate Reward

Friendbuy automates fulfillment for any reward type: coupon code, account credit, loyalty points, gift cards, and more. With robust algorithms for fraud detection and flexible reward criteria, every purchase evaluated to ensure quality reward eligibility. Complex back-end processes are also supported, using our APIs and Webhooks for reward validation and fulfillment.

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Experiment and Measure Success with A/B Testing

Optimize user referral with easy A/B testing for every part of the referral funnel. Experiment with different offers, creative, and messaging, to discover what drives more sharing and conversions. Friendbuy makes it simple to create variants and measure gain for all your key performance indicators, and quickly pivot when a champion is identified.

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Personal Referral Links

Increase Accessibility with Personal Referral Links

Expand the reach of your brand by getting personal URLs into the hands of your advocates, to be shared through any digital channel, like blogs and social media profiles. Automate referral program awareness, by populating PURLs to transactional and marketing emails.

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Boost Customer Engagement

Friendbuy equips you with email templates to maximize an automated program, plus the flexibility to design custom communications. Personalized invite and reminders to referred increase likelihood of conversion, and automated reward emails to Advocates will enhance both program efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

Take advantage of event-based triggers and reports to power more communications to customers and prospects, from a Thank You for referring 10 Friends, or a follow up to those who haven’t yet converted.

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Communicate with your customers

Track Real-Time Referral Funnel Performance

With consumable analytics, you can track real-time performance through each step in the referral funnel:

  • How many referrals were sent by email?
  • Is my new site-wide CTA increasing referral engagement?
  • How’s our post-purchase widget performing against purchases made?

View breakdowns by campaign and drill down into any sharing channel. Go a step further and invite your top Advocates to become active Influencers for your brand with special offers tailored just for them.

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Lean on Our Referral Marketing Experts

We’re true believers that quality customer service is central to a thriving business, and we’re here to empower your team with powerful tools to investigate any concerns to provide informed responses.

Your customer service representatives can lookup referral activity, search criteria across various reports, perform manual conversions, override reward rejections, and more.

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