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Reward your customers for taking actions that are most valuable to your business and improve lifetime value.

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Keep your customers coming back

Improve retention rates and increase customer lifetime value with Friendbuy’s best-in-class Loyalty Platform.

Custom rewardable events

Actionable analytics

Seamless automation

Earning events unique to your business

Whether they purchase, refer-a-friend, download your mobile app or opt-in to your rewards program, you can reward customers for taking actions that are valuable to your business with unique earning events.

Qualify members for rewards with business rules

Use simple statements to define the rules and conditions for triggering rewards to your loyalty members. Add custom attributes to support advanced business needs.

In-depth analytics

Make data-driven decisions with an easy-to-read loyalty dashboard.

Automated communications

Trigger emails and texts to members after they complete earning events.

Points redemption made easy

Your customers work hard for their rewards - so it shouldn't be hard to spend them! Friendbuy makes points redemption easy across your site, both inside and outside your existing checkout flow.

Rewards to get excited about

Reward redemption is an opportunity to surprise and delight your customers because, after all, they deserve every penny. Allow your loyalty members to redeem points in exchange for coupon codes, gift cards, and custom rewards.

Personalized member dashboards

Give your loyal customers an easy-to-read dashboard that shows their activity, points balance, and available awards. Friendbuy provides easy-to-use templates so you can get live fast while maintaining brand consistency.

Integrates with your technology stack

Friendbuy seamlessly incorporates loyalty and rewards into your customer journeys

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One unified platform to grow with loyalty & referrals

Customer Service Portal

Our tools allow your support team to quickly resolve all referral program inquiries and keep your customers happy.

Data Capture — Emails & Phone Numbers

Accelerate email and SMS subscriber growth and seamlessly incorporate referrals into your cross-channel marketing strategy.

Referral & Loyalty Program Expertise

Partner with our team of referral program experts to incorporate the best practices from over a decade of scaling referral programs for the fastest growing e-commerce brands.

Data Privacy Protocols

Friendbuy is committed to regulatory compliance for email sending, CCPA, GDPR and HIPPA.

Loyalty Marketing FAQs 

Helpful answers to some of the most common questions about loyalty marketing programs and software.

What are the benefits of a loyalty rewards program?


Loyalty programs offer many key benefits for marketers, including increased customer retention, higher customer lifetime value, the ability to drive valuable customer actions, personalized customer experiences, and enhanced brand loyalty:

  • Increased customer retention: Loyalty marketing offers a strategic way to encourage customers to continually engage with your brand. By offering attractive rewards and incentives, you significantly increase customer retention rates and foster long-term relationships that minimize customer churn and maximize lifetime value.
  • Higher customer lifetime value: Loyalty programs incentivize customers to make repeat purchases, which increases the overall lifetime value of each customer. Studies show that loyal customers spend more, refer others to your business, and maintain their relationship with the business for longer periods. This increased lifetime value leads to higher margins and greater efficiency, driving growth and profitability.
  • Driving Valuable Customer Actions: Beyond purchases, loyalty programs can also be designed to motivate customers to perform actions that provide value to your business. Whether it's downloading your mobile app, signing up for newsletters, providing reviews, referring friends, or trying out a new product line, you can incentivize the actions that are strategically important for your business and contribute to its growth.
  • Personalized Customer Experiences: A customer rewards program furnishes businesses with valuable insights into their customers' preferences and buying habits.  These insights empower you to craft data-driven, personalized marketing strategies, product offerings and customer experiences.  Leveraging this level of personalization in your marketing initiatives can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and foster enduring customer loyalty.
  • Increased brand loyalty: Loyalty marketing nurtures a sense of exclusivity among customers, which strengthens the emotional bond customers share with your brand.  This enhanced brand loyalty not only fosters repeat business but also converts loyal customers into enthusiastic brand advocates, spreading positive word-of-mouth about your business.

In summary, implementing a well-designed loyalty program unlocks numerous benefits by enhancing customer retention, maximizing lifetime value and driving actions that directly benefit your business.  It can also provide a more personalized customer experience and foster long-term customer loyalty, which collectively contribute to the overall success of your marketing strategies and business growth.

What out-of-the-box widgets and website elements does Friendbuy's loyalty software provide?


Friendbuy's loyalty marketing software offers a range of out-of-the-box website elements and widgets designed to enhance customer engagement. The following elements are fully customizable for brand consistency, and will adapt based on whether a user is logged in and whether they've opted into your loyalty program: 

  • Loyalty Opt-In CTA: Friendbuy provides a customizable Call to Action (CTA) specifically designed to encourage customers to join your loyalty program. It detects whether a user is logged in or not and if they're already a part of the loyalty program. This adaptive display ensures that the CTA is presented to relevant users, improving user experience and increasing program sign-ups. The opt-in CTA can be strategically placed within your site's navigation or on specific pages to maximize visibility and drive program enrollment.
  • Earning Actions Widget: This widget displays all available earning actions for your loyalty program, along with customizable descriptions, providing a way to educate your customers about your loyalty program's opportunities. The widget is interactive, allowing customers to take action and participate in earning actions directly from the widget. This widget enhances user experience and simplifies customer participation in your loyalty program.
  • Loyalty Dashboard: This customizable dashboard allows your customers to check their rewards status, view their program activity history, and see which earning actions are still available. It provides an engaging, interactive experience that encourages repeated customer visits.
  • Loyalty Redemption Widget: This widget enables customers to redeem their accumulated account credit or loyalty points directly from your site’s checkout page or from their accounts page.

The dynamic site elements offered by Friendbuy’s loyalty platform deliver a smooth, personalized user experience to maximize your loyalty marketing program's performance.  All widgets seamlessly integrate with your e-commerce site, making your loyalty program engaging and interactive for your customers.

How does Friendbuy’s loyalty software integrate with Shopify?

Friendbuy’s loyalty program platform provides the most advanced integration available for Shopify merchants.  The seamless integration delivers a suite of robust features designed to elevate user experiences, maximize engagement and optimize the effectiveness of your loyalty program.  Here are several key components of this high-impact integration:

  • Seamless Setup: Friendbuy’s integration installs the necessary code on your Shopify store, enabling tracking of purchases and serving all CTAs and widgets needed to power your loyalty program.
  • Dynamic and Personalized Site Elements: Friendbuy’s integration serves all of the aforementioned loyalty program CTAs and widgets, adapting based on whether a user is logged in or whether they’ve opted into your loyalty program, ensuring personalized experiences for your customers.
  • Automatic Coupon Generation: This feature automatically generates unique coupon codes for loyalty members, eliminating the need for manual upload and replenishment of a code bank. 
  • SKU-Based Reward Rules: The integration allows Friendbuy to detect SKUs in an order, enabling you to configure reward rules based on specific SKUs.
  • Purchase Validation: Before issuing rewards, Friendbuy validates purchases with Shopify to account for returns and cancellations and to confirm the validity of SKUs purchased. This ensures that rewards are issued based on valid, completed transactions.
  • Upcoming Support for Shopify Checkout Extensions: Friendbuy will soon offer support for Shopify’s new checkout page framework known as Shopify Checkout Extensions, providing an even more seamless checkout experience for your customers.

By leveraging Friendbuy’s unique capabilities with Shopify, you can launch an engaging and interactive loyalty marketing program that resonates with your customers and is easy to deploy and maintain.

Can I integrate Friendbuy’s loyalty program software with other marketing tools and platforms?


Absolutely! Friendbuy's loyalty program software is designed to integrate effortlessly with a broad spectrum of marketing tools and platforms. Our platform features comprehensive integrations with solutions such as Attentive, Klaviyo, Segment, Iterable, Cordial, and Salesforce. Our integrations enable you to maximize the capabilities of your tech stack in tandem with your loyalty program. Consider these example use cases:

  • Use merge variables to dynamically import data from Friendbuy into your email and SMS marketing. For instance, you could notify a customer about available rewards or inform them about their ascension to a higher loyalty tier.
  • Establish triggered workflows and journeys to amplify customer engagement. As an example, you might send a congratulatory message and reward to a customer who has just enrolled in your loyalty program.
  • Inject loyalty program event data into your Customer Data Platform (CDP) for advanced cohort analysis. This can provide invaluable insights into customer behavior patterns and trends.

In short, Friendbuy's rich integrations can magnify the efficacy of your loyalty rewards program by merging data and events seamlessly with your existing tools and platforms.  Click here to see all Friendbuy integrations.

Can I customize my loyalty program design to match my brand?


Absolutely! Friendbuy's loyalty program software offers extensive customization capabilities to match your brand identity. You can customize loyalty dashboards for your customers to review their earned rewards and earning opportunities, and design brand-consistent landing pages and email templates. This level of customization augments brand familiarity, creating uniformity in brand experience across customer touchpoints, and optimizes the effectiveness of your customer rewards program.

What are the different ways my customers can earn rewards?


Friendbuy’s loyalty platform provides the flexibility to fully customize how customers can earn rewards with a combination of pre-configured, out-of-the-box earning events and the ability to support custom events unique to your business. Here are some examples of how you can reward your customers:

  • Thank customers with a reward after their first purchase
  • Reward them for subscribing to your email and SMS communications
  • Offer rewards for downloading your mobile app
  • Provide incentives for completing an onsite quiz
  • Grant rewards for writing a product review
  • Promote sustainability by rewarding customers for recycling clothing or makeup products

With Friendbuy, you can design a reward strategy that aligns with your brand and also drives customer behaviors to align with your business objectives.

Can I send custom events to Friendbuy?


Absolutely! Friendbuy allows you to send any custom event via our REST API for inclusion in your loyalty program. Here are some examples of custom events you can send and their potential use cases:

  • Mobile app downloads: Increase mobile engagement by rewarding customers for downloading your brand's mobile app.
  • Completion of surveys or quizzes: Promote customer interaction and gather unique customer insights by rewarding participation in custom surveys or quizzes designed specifically for your business.
  • User-generated content submissions: Encourage customer creativity and enhance your social media presence by offering rewards for user-generated content submissions, such as photo contests or sharing branded hashtags.
  • Interaction with new features: If your website or app introduces a new feature, you can incentivize customers to try it out. For example, if you introduce a new tool for customers to customize their shopping preferences, you can send an event to Friendbuy when customers use it.
  • Completing a course or training: If your business offers online courses or training, reward customers for their completion. 
  • Attendance at unique events: Stimulate event participation by rewarding customers for attending unique business-specific events, such as exclusive webinars, live-streamed product launches, or specialized workshops.

For more details on how to leverage our API, please refer to Friendbuy’s API documentation. Utilizing Friendbuy's API provides you with the flexibility to mold your loyalty program to best align with your business requirements.

What reward options are available for my loyalty program?


Friendbuy offers many different reward options for your loyalty program, enabling you to engage and motivate your customers effectively. These options include:

  • Coupon Codes: You can reward customers with unique codes that offer discounts on future purchases to encourage repeat business and enhance customer loyalty.
  • Stackable Account Credit: This option allows customers to accumulate credit in their accounts over time, which can be applied to future purchases, driving repeat engagement.
  • Loyalty Points: Points systems are popular and easy to understand. Customers earn points for specific actions or purchases, which they can later redeem for rewards.
  • 3rd Party Gift Cards: Offering gift cards from popular retailers or for specific products provides a valuable incentive that can encourage a range of desirable customer behaviors.
  • Free Products: Gifting customers with complimentary products can enhance perceived value and lead to increased satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Exclusive Access: Providing early access to new product releases or exclusive events can make your customers feel special and valued, increasing their emotional connection to your brand.
  • Loyalty Tiers: Implementing a tiered system can motivate customers to engage more to reach higher tiers, where they can unlock increasingly valuable rewards. Loyalty tiers can drive both engagement and aspirational purchasing behaviors.
  • Auto-Applied Subscription Rewards: For subscription-based businesses, you can offer rewards that apply automatically to a customer's recurring subscription, increasing their perceived value and enhancing retention rates.

Each reward option serves different strategic purposes, allowing you to create a loyalty program that best aligns with your business objectives and customer preferences.

Can I implement tiers within my loyalty program?


Yes! Friendbuy offers robust support for the implementation of tiers within your loyalty program.  This feature helps you create a sense of exclusivity for your customers while encouraging them to reach for higher tiers.  You can define the number of tiers, the criteria for each tier, and assign specific rewards or benefits to each tier.  Friendbuy also provides a set of rules to manage how members move up and down between tiers.

Coming Soon: With Friendbuy, you can choose between points-based tiers, where customers progress by earning points through various actions, or purchase-based tiers, where tier assignment is determined by customers' purchases (and other behaviors). This flexibility allows you to align the structure of your tiers system with your brand strategy and business goals.

Implementing a tier-based loyalty program can stimulate increased customer engagement, incentivize higher spending, and contribute to a more dynamic, rewarding loyalty program.

How can I measure the success of my loyalty program?


Friendbuy offers a suite of comprehensive analytics dashboard with real-time insights into key performance indicators for your loyalty program, including:

  • Active loyalty members: Keep track of how many customers are actively participating in your loyalty program.
  • Number of earning event completions: Understand which loyalty activities are popular among your customers.
  • Points earned and redeemed: Gauge the effectiveness of your reward structure and identify opportunities for enhancement.
  • ROI of your loyalty program: Assess the overall effectiveness of your loyalty program in driving business growth.
  • Coming soon - Member Tiers Analytics: Dissect data based on your loyalty program's member tiers, including breakdowns of earning actions, redemptions, active members, and purchases, all categorized by member tiers. Additionally, you'll be able to track customer movement between tiers over time, offering a comprehensive view of member behavior within and across different tiers, helping you optimize tier structures and encourage upward mobility within your loyalty program.

Our analytics enable you to delve deep into your customers' engagement patterns to identify which events are attracting the most participation and the frequency and type of rewards being redeemed.

With Friendbuy's extensive experience and wide range of industry benchmarks, we have insights into performance expectations across various sectors, be it Fashion & Apparel, Health & Beauty, Fitness, Food & Beverage, or subscription services. We utilize this knowledge to help you set realistic yet ambitious goals for your loyalty marketing initiatives. Our dedicated Customer Success team stands ready to help identify areas of potential improvement and optimize your loyalty program. By empowering you with actionable insights, we help to ensure that your loyalty program is performing at its best.

How would a referral program work alongside my loyalty program?


Friendbuy makes it easy for your referral program and your loyalty program to work seamlessly together.  As both programs are critically important to growing your business, consider the following key concepts to optimize the performance of each:

  • Integrate Referral Actions Into Your Loyalty Program: Friendbuy makes it effortless to include referring friends as part of your loyalty program’s earning actions.
  • Maximize Referral Program Performance Through Best Practices: A referral program can be a potent driver of customer acquisition, but you must implement referral program best practices to achieve significant growth through word-of-mouth referrals.  Friendbuy is specifically designed to make it easy to implement these best practices.  If you only surface the referral program in your loyalty program dashboard, you will not be taking advantage of all that a customer referral program has to offer to grow your business.
  • Use Referrals to Boost Loyalty Membership: Friendbuy offers the flexibility to drive loyalty membership growth through referrals.  You can reward customers for referring friends to join your loyalty program, in addition to earning rewards for referring new customers to your business.

In summary, Friendbuy empowers you to orchestrate your referral and loyalty programs to leverage their unique strengths for optimized growth, engagement and customer retention.

What are the best practices for optimizing my loyalty program?


Optimizing your loyalty program requires strategic planning and an understanding of what resonates with your customer base. You can check out this blog post of loyalty program best practices for a comprehensive review.  In the meantime, here are some foundational best practices to consider:

  • Define Clear Program Objectives: Identify the primary goals of your loyalty program. These can be any combination of increasing average order value, boosting purchase frequency, driving specific customer behaviors, or enhancing customer retention.
  • Create User-Friendly Experiences: Your loyalty program should fit seamlessly within your brand and site or mobile app experiences. Ensure the program is easy to understand.  Make it easy for customers to track and redeem rewards, and track progress towards the next reward tier or milestone. Utilize prominent call-to-action (CTA) buttons on your homepage and elsewhere to encourage more sign-ups and to promote continual engagement with your loyalty program.
  • Reward Early: Make the first reward easy to attain to give new members an immediate sense of gratification and encourage continued participation. Consider giving rewards in exchange for basic customer information like email addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, gender and shopping preferences.
  • Customize Earning Actions and Reward Mechanisms: Friendbuy offers a variety of reward options and customizable earning actions. Choose the options that best motivate your customers and align with your business and program objectives.
  • Effective Promotion and Communication: Promote your loyalty program through your various marketing channels. Send status emails and text messages, such as monthly recaps and points expiration alerts, to keep members informed and engaged. Ensure that you also have a well-crafted loyalty FAQ to address the most commonly asked questions.
  • Implement a Tiered System: A tiered system encourages sustained engagement and aspirational spending. With Friendbuy, you can define the number of tiers, the criteria for each, and assign specific rewards or benefits to each tier.
  • Utilize Customer Data for Personalization: Use the insights gathered through your loyalty program to personalize the customer experience. Friendbuy enables you to deliver targeted rewards and communications based on individual customer behaviors and preferences.
  • Regular Analysis and Optimization: Utilize Friendbuy's comprehensive analytics to regularly review and analyze your loyalty program's performance. Make adjustments based on these insights to achieve your program objectives.

These foundational best practices will help you build a customer loyalty program that meets your business objectives while providing a seamless and rewarding experience for your customers.  For a detailed discussion of any of the above topics and much, much more, be sure to check out this blog post of loyalty program best practices. 

How can I promote my loyalty program to customers?


Friendbuy recommends a number of best practices for effectively promoting your loyalty program. You’ll want to clearly communicate the benefits, rewards, and terms of the program to your customers. Below are several effective recommendations, many of which are supported and facilitated by Friendbuy’s loyalty program software:

  • Design a Loyalty Program Launch Strategy: A successful launch is crucial for the adoption of your loyalty program. This should include a comprehensive, multi-channel marketing campaign covering your website, mobile app, social media, email, SMS, and other customer touchpoints. Start with a pre-launch phase, creating anticipation through teasers and pre-registration offers. During the launch, highlight the program's benefits, rewards, and terms, ensuring they're easily understood and enticing. Maintain special offers during this period for added appeal.
  • Prominent CTAs: Use bold CTAs on your homepage, mobile app, and even product pages. Highlight the advantages of joining your loyalty program in a way that's easy to understand.
  • Multi-Channel Promotion: Utilize all of your marketing channels. Target customers with on-site banners and pop-ups, email, SMS, and social campaigns, while ensuring consistent messaging.
  • Persistent Email Promotion: Include a persistent 'shoebox' in your customer emails that invites customers to join the loyalty program. For existing loyalty members, use the shoebox to display their current reward status.
  • Promotion at Customer Touchpoints: Add rewards communication at key touchpoints in the customer journey.  For example, one of the most effective times to promote your loyalty program is post-purchase. Also consider highlighting potential rewards on product pages.  Examine your customer journey for special moments where adding loyalty program communication can encourage sign ups and participation. 
  • Email and SMS Automation: Set up automated email and SMS communications campaigns to drive awareness and sign-ups at key stages, including welcome journeys, post-purchase notifications, and more.
  • In-Store Promotion: If you have physical locations, promote the program in-store and provide the ability for customers to join the program at the point of sale.
  • Limited-Time Promotions: You can create a sense of urgency and exclusivity by periodically offering limited-time promotions or bonus rewards for loyalty program members. This encourages participation from existing members and motivates new members to join.
  • Use Referrals: As stated above in an earlier answer, Friendbuy can help you drive loyalty membership through referrals.  You can reward customers for referring friends to join your loyalty program.
  • Customer Feedback and Reviews: Encourage customers to provide feedback and reviews about your loyalty program. Positive reviews and testimonials can be used as social proof to attract new members and build trust.
  • Event-Based Engagement: Design loyalty program engagement campaigns that correspond to special events and new reward earning opportunities.

By taking these steps, you can increase visibility and awareness of your loyalty program, incentivize sign-ups, and drive continued engagement. Remember, the key is to communicate consistently, but in a manner that is organic to the customer experience and demonstrates the value your loyalty program offers to your customers.

How can I incentivize customers to join my loyalty program?


Friendbuy’s customer loyalty software provides a variety of features and tools to create attractive value propositions for your customers.  Below are several specific approaches you can use to incentivize customers to join your loyalty program:

  • Immediate Incentives: Offer an immediate reward for joining your loyalty program. This could be a sign-up bonus, exclusive discounts, or a free gift upon enrollment. Offering immediate value will drive sign ups and encourage participation. Other great options for immediate customer value include rewards in exchange for basic customer information such as email addresses, phone numbers, birthdays, gender and shopping preferences.
  • Customer-Centric Rewards: Shape your loyalty program's rewards around your customers' preferences. Seek to understand what rewards and experiences your customers find meaningful. If you're unsure, use customer interviews or surveys to gather this information. By aligning rewards with your customers' desires, you increase the incentive to join and engage with the program.
  • Exclusivity: The allure of exclusive access can be a powerful incentive for customers to join your loyalty program. Providing early or exclusive access to new products, promotions or events can significantly drive opt-ins.
  • Target Already Loyal Customers: Encourage your existing loyal customers to join the loyalty program by offering them early access or special rewards for signing up. Customers who already appreciate your brand are more inclined to become early adopters who then encourage others to join.
  • Variety of Reward Choices: Tailor rewards based on individual customer preferences and/or make a variety of rewards available.  Doing so makes the rewards more appealing and increases the incentive to join and participate in the program.

Through these strategies you can enhance the appeal of your loyalty program, drive customer sign-ups, and foster long-term customer engagement.

Can I get loyalty program data into my data warehouse?


Definitely!  You can either leverage our integrations with tools like Segment and Fivetran to retrieve loyalty event data or integrate directly with our comprehensive REST APIs. Below are some examples of use cases:

  • A reward was earned - either through joining the program, a purchase, subscribing to emails or texts or any custom event you’d like to send to Friendbuy
  • Loyalty reward was redeemed by your customer
  • Your customer’s loyalty credit expired  
  • Retrieve the balance of a customer’s points or account credits at any given time

How does Friendbuy help me comply with data privacy, security and regulations such as GDPR, TCPA, CAN-SPAM and CCPA for my loyalty program?


Friendbuy ensures data privacy, security, and regulatory compliance for your loyalty program in the following ways:

  • Robust Security Measures: Friendbuy's platform incorporates comprehensive security features, such as encryption and secure data storage, to safeguard your customers' personal information.
  • Data Management: Friendbuy supports effective data deletion and access requests, helping you effectively manage customer consent and other data protection requirements.
  • Data Lifespan: Each data item in Friendbuy is subject to a defined lifespan, after which it's automatically removed from our platform. This aligns with data retention policies and promotes GDPR and CCPA compliance.
  • CAN-SPAM Compliance: To adhere to CAN-SPAM regulations, Friendbuy incorporates email opt-in checkboxes on all loyalty widgets and includes unsubscribe links in all marketing emails. We also confirm that recipients are not on the opt-out list prior to sending emails.
  • TCPA Compliance: Friendbuy facilitates TCPA adherence by providing SMS opt-in checkboxes on relevant widgets. This ensures that explicit customer consent is obtained before collecting phone numbers on your behalf.

Through these comprehensive features, Friendbuy empowers you to manage your loyalty program while respecting data privacy, security, and maintaining compliance with regulatory obligations such as GDPR, TCPA, CAN-SPAM, and CCPA.

What pricing plans and support options are available for Friendbuy’s customer loyalty software?


Friendbuy provides different pricing and support options designed to meet your specific requirements.

If you're an Enterprise customer, expect a personalized onboarding experience led by our dedicated implementation team. We'll also assign you a Customer Success Manager from our industry-leading team, well-versed in loyalty program best practices. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience to provide strategic advice, conduct performance assessments, and offer proactive support in launching new features, adopting integrations, and suggesting ways to optimize your loyalty program's efficacy. Our team's diverse experience, having managed loyalty programs across various sectors and business categories, makes us an invaluable asset for our clients.