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OLLY Switched to a Friendbuy Loyalty Program and Increased Average Order Value      by 26%




Higher average order value with loyalty program members


Of new SMS subscribers are loyalty program members

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Industry Health & Beauty
Location United States
OLLY believes happiness is an inside job. Their delicious blended vitamins and supplements are designed to support better physical and mental wellbeing for all. With products available in major retail chains across the United States and a growing e-commerce presence, OLLY is committed to reaching its customers wherever they are. 

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“Working with the Friendbuy team, and tapping into their integrations with our other partners, really accelerates our potential growth. We’re now offering a level of personalization and dynamic messaging to customers that we just didn’t have before.”

Jennifer Peters

Senior DTC Manager, OLLY


Overcoming a Stagnant Loyalty Program

OLLY recognized the power of customer loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals in driving their online growth, and wanted to make these programs a centerpiece of their direct-to-consumer strategy. However, they faced significant hurdles with their previous loyalty program vendor, leaving their program in a state of stagnation and offering little room for growth and innovation.

Jennifer Peters, the Senior DTC Manager at, noted that many customers were not even aware of the loyalty program. This was a major issue, due in part because OLLY was unable to send effective, personalized communications to their customers about the program.
For example, the OLLY team wanted to send tailored SMS messages through Attentive, their chosen SMS provider, but their previous loyalty vendor provided only empty promises about an Attentive integration, and instead tried to push OLLY to use the vendor’s SMS product. 

“They wanted to consolidate everything into their own platform. If you wanted to use SMS and email with your loyalty program, you had to do it all with their platform. I just don't philosophically agree with that way of managing a tech stack - period.”

The frustrations didn’t end there. OLLY’s program could not effectively communicate a customer’s progression within the loyalty program, leaving out critical information that could otherwise drive program engagement.

In terms of leveraging customer referrals to drive online growth, the results were underwhelming.  Their previous program buried referrals as one of many earning actions, instead of embracing the referral program best practices that are necessary for word-of-mouth referrals to emerge as a strategic acquisition driver. 

Finally, OLLY experienced a disappointing lack of support from their previous provider. Assistance was minimal and communications were hard to come by, except for when conversations centered around contract renewal or upselling them on new products.

Faced with these compounding frustrations and challenges, it became clear to OLLY’s leadership that a change was necessary to align their program strategies with their business objectives.


Embracing Innovation: The Switch to Friendbuy

Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 6.16.40 PM


Embarking on a new path, OLLY turned to Friendbuy for a platform that specializes in powering loyalty and referral programs, and a partner who embraces integrations with best-of-breed ecommerce technologies.

As Jennifer Peters engaged with Friendbuy, her excitement grew as she learned about the platform’s capabilities that could transform OLLY’s loyalty program.

“After meeting with the Friendbuy and Attentive teams, this is the first time I've ever been excited about loyalty."

Friendbuy's rich integrations with leading martech solutions presented new opportunities for OLLY to elevate their loyalty and referral programs. Specifically, Friendbuy’s seamless integration with Attentive enabled OLLY to set up triggered email and SMS journeys to customers after key loyalty and referral events. 

Below are five examples of those journeys. 

1. Weekly Loyalty Program Touchpoints


Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 3.54.41 PM

In order to increase awareness and adoption of their loyalty program, OLLY is sending weekly email and SMS messages to their subscribers that include their loyalty program balance, available rewards or earning opportunities. 

2. Loyalty Reward Earned from a Purchase 

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 3.55.47 PM

The above image shows the journey in Attentive that OLLY has set up to reward customers after they make a purchase and encourage them to redeem those rewards through the loyalty program.  

3. Loyalty Reward Earned from Joining the Program

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 3.58.03 PM

OLLY has also set up a journey to reward customers for joining their loyalty program. After joining, members receive a text that tells them their new point balance and encourages them to check out other ways to earn more points. 

4. Referral Friend Incentive Earned

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 3.59.36 PM

The OLLY team has also set up journeys to reward customers for referring their friends and family. The above is a journey that triggers an SMS to referred friends, sharing their coupon code and linking back to their site. 

5. Referral Advocate Reward Earned

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 4.01.49 PM

And when the referred friend purchases, this journey triggers an SMS to let the Advocate know they’ve earned a reward! It also shares their coupon code and links back to the site to shop.  

Furthermore, in stark contrast to OLLY's previous support experience, Friendbuy and Attentive collaborated to ensure that OLLY was well-supported in implementing their new program enhancements. The Customer Success teams from both companies jointly advised OLLY on how to design and optimize their triggered communication journeys.

“We’re thrilled to work alongside OLLY and the Friendbuy team to identify, implement and continuously optimize journeys that will make sharing their referral and loyalty programs through SMS easier and more effective. The Attentive and Friendbuy integration was built to help brands like OLLY increase SMS subscriber acquisition, design personalized journeys, and drive more referrals.” - Carina Shahin, Senior Partner Manager, Integrations, Attentive


Exceptional Onboarding: Setting the Stage for OLLY’s Success

Transitioning to a new platform can be daunting, but Friendbuy's onboarding team turned it into a streamlined experience for OLLY. With a tight 30-day transition window due to the end of the contract with their previous provider, Friendbuy's team worked hand-in-hand with the OLLY team to ensure a smooth onboarding process.

Friendbuy was committed to more than just meeting the deadline. They took an intentional, strategic approach with a focus on quality. Friendbuy actively sought Jennifer’s insights on customer behaviors and OLLY’s business objectives.

With this valuable input, Friendbuy guided OLLY in configuring their loyalty earning actions and rewards, and designed the program’s member tiers to align with OLLY’s business goals. Friendbuy also created customer experiences that clearly communicated the benefits of program tiers to OLLY’s customers. 

“It's just been one of the best onboarding experiences that I've had… Friendbuy’s team is making sure that we understand the downstream effects of the decisions that we're making as we set this program up."

Unleashing Customer Referrals with Best Practices and Personalized Communications

OLLY took advantage of Friendbuy’s extensive referral program software capabilities to implement referral program best practices. Friendbuy has over 10 years of experience powering referral programs for leading brands. OLLY relied on this experience and the platform’s robust feature set to drive referral program participation.
Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 6.11.39 PM

Furthermore, the enhancements to OLLY’s loyalty program software through the integration with Attentive proved to be a perfect complement to their referral program. Personalized communications, such as tailored incentives to customers, not only strengthened customer engagement but also created a snowball effect for OLLY’s referral program.

“We had literally no way to personalize any communications, or to even indicate to a customer that they were on a loyalty journey. One of the things that was so cool about Friendbuy was seeing all the communications capabilities, and the best practices and learnings from other brands that are in the same space.”


Driving Success: Achieving Program Goals and Online Growth

With the challenges of their previous vendor behind them, OLLY is now poised for growth through their rejuvenated loyalty and referral programs powered by Friendbuy.

So far, they’ve seen that their top-tier loyalty program members have a 26% higher average order value compared to sitewide. Given that finding, they’re starting to explore incentivizing their members to move up in loyalty tiers through SMS.

In short, the capabilities of Friendbuy’s platform, coupled with a seamless integration with Attentive and the other tools in OLLY’s tech stack, have transformed OLLY's capacity to engage their customers, increase program participation and help their customers achieve happiness through physical and mental wellbeing.