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Supercharge your customer-centric growth with best-in-class referral and loyalty programs. 

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Innovative brands use Friendbuy and Braze together



Accelerate email and SMS subscriber growth

Automatically add emails and phone numbers captured through your referral program to Braze, so that you can create subscriber profiles that include: 

  • Personal referral links
  • Reward balances
  • Date of their last share
  • Tags for Advocates and Referred Friends

Send personalized, cross-channel communications with Braze

Send communications from Braze and include referral and loyalty program data dynamically, including:

  • Customer coupon codes
  • Personal referral links 
  • Loyalty program member tier status

Keep customers engaged with your referral and loyalty programs through targeted campaigns

Increase loyalty and referral program visibility and engagement through targeted cross-channel campaigns: 

  • Tell loyalty members about exclusive product drops and offers
  • Announce your new or updated loyalty and referral programs
  • Remind Advocates to refer their friends and family
  • Drive customers to their personalized loyalty dashboards to see how they can earn more rewards