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Leverage the Friendbuy & Attentive integration to grow your SMS subscriber list and segment your lists to send personalized messaging to new subscribers.

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Automatically add phone numbers captured through your referral program to your subscriber list

Group 58

Accelerate SMS Subscriber Growth
and Incorporate SMS as Part of your Referral Strategy

Capture Phone Numbers
Segment newly acquired phone numbers of Advocates and referred Friends captured through the referral program to your Attentive SMS subscriber list
Group 53
Vanity Referral URLs
Create an Attentive journey for Advocates and distribute referral links to your new subscribers via SMS
Group 52
Coupon Codes
Create an Attentive ‘welcome series’ journey for newly referred subscribers and distribute coupon codes to incentivize them to make their first purchase

“Enabling the Friendbuy and Attentive integration was a breeze. We’re definitely happy with the lift in SMS subscribers we’ve seen since the integration, from just a few weeks post-launch! We’re excited to continue incorporating SMS as part of our referral strategy.”

Kennedy Smith

Associate Marketing Manager, Hill House Home

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