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How woom Increased Email and SMS Subscriber Acquisition by 40% with Friendbuy and Klaviyo

woom bikes


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Shopify, Klaviyo



Of new email and SMS subscribers come from their referral program


Increase in month-over-month revenue from that increase in subscribers


Higher AOV for referred friends compared to sitewide AOV

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Industry Sporting Goods
Location United States
woom has one of the lightest bikes in the world. In fact, woom bikes are around 40% lighter than conventional children's bikes and are ergonomically designed to fit children, from the handlebars to the pedals, making them an excellent choice for parents on the hunt for a bike for their little ones. Their mission is to empower kids to love riding a bike.

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"We're so glad we found Friendbuy, it has definitely changed our sales growth and goals." 

Isabelle Macdonald

Ecommerce Digital Marketing Specialist, woom

You’re at the top of your driveway, sitting on your first bike. Helmet on, knee pads on - you’re invincible. That is, until you inevitably tip over or don’t know how to use the brakes. Many of us have had the experience of learning to ride our first bike...and came out the other side with a few band-aids.

But woom is on a mission to change that experience, and “empower kids to love riding a bike”. 

Their bikes are thoughtfully designed for kids. They’re 40% lighter than conventional children's bikes, the handlebars are shaped to fit smaller hands, the pedals are shaped to fit smaller feet, and they even have a balance bike without pedals so kids that are just learning can hop on, steer, and balance before pedals are introduced. 

And because kids learn and grow quickly, they even have an upcycling program. For a small fee, customers can join their upcycling program and get 40% off when they order their next bike.
 High Res-woom_mood_2021_8F9A0435_V2
Many parents rely on the recommendations of friends or family members around them when buying products for their kids, so the good news of woom's bikes spread quickly. Still, their team knew they could better capitalize on that word-of-mouth and give an extra nudge to the parents that wanted to convert but were more price conscious. That realization kicked off their search for a referral program partner. 

“Word-of-mouth is huge for us. Word gets around fast and quickly, parents want what’s best for their child. At the same time, it was imperative for us to keep our premium product brand.”  - Isabelle Macdonald, Ecommerce Digital Marketing Specialist, woom



Finding a referral program that scales customer acquisition through word-of-mouth while maintaining their premium brand identity


Once they knew they needed a referral program, the woom team did their research on which provider would work best for them. Friendbuy quickly stood out from the crowd with it's Shopify and Klaviyo integrations, clean user experience, built-in fraud detection, and customizability.

“The interface is just beautiful, we were able to use our own images and implement our own branding and design. We looked at another platform and just didn't find it attractive." - Meredith Erikson, Email & SMS Marketing Specialist, woom


The woom team was also already using Klaviyo for email and SMS, and Friendbuy’s two-way integration makes it really easy to integrate a referral program with their existing customer journeys.

“I pretty much live inside Klaviyo, I have Klaviyo tabs open all the time. Having Friendbuy integrate with Klaviyo makes running campaigns so much easier.” - Meredith Erikson, Email & SMS Marketing Specialist, woom



Launching a Friendbuy referral program that seamlessly integrates with their brand, customer journeys and Klaviyo communication strategies


In just a few months of launching their referral program, woom has seen a 30x ROI, a 21% higher average order value (AOV) for referred friends, and a 20%-40% increase in their email and SMS subscribers every month.



Below we’ll break down the strategies they've implemented to see this success, including the VIP promo and welcome series flow that Meredith mentions in the above video.

1. Using Friendbuy and Klaviyo to drive referral program awareness

The woom team is leveraging the Friendbuy and Klaviyo integration to consistently drive referral program awareness with three different strategies.

First, they’re sending consistent awareness campaigns via Klaviyo emails, reminding their customer base about their referral program and encouraging new members to join. They’re concurrently A/B testing these emails to optimize them as well. For example, they A/B tested a call-to-action (CTA) of “Give $50 Get $50” versus “Refer a Friend”, and learned that the Give $50, Get $50 CTA performs better, as the referral reward is mentioned in the CTA.

Example Referral Awareness Emails 

Note all email and SMS messages pictured in this article were designed by Cece George and Jessica Robinson


 referral email 1                referral email 2                  referral email 3


They also promote the referral program in their welcome series flows. They have specific branches in their welcome series for subscribers they acquire through Friendbuy, where each email touchpoint includes a reminder for Friends to redeem the coupon codes they receive through the referral program. 

Below are some examples of what the referral program reminders look like in their welcome series.  


      reminder1              reminder2         reminder3               reminder4



They’ve also incorporated their referral program into their post-purchase flows. They have a reminder to refer in the last email sent in each bike model’s post-purchase flow, scheduled about 1 month after a bike has been delivered.


                postpurchase emai                            post purchase sms


The final way they’re increasing referral program awareness with Friendbuy and Klaviyo is through their email footers and banners. They include one of the three banners below in every email campaign, including transactional emails, newsletters and new product announcements. 


footer 1footer3footer2



"woom is a great example of how simple yet effective it is to incorporate reminders of your referral program throughout your customer journeys. Not only are they automating email and SMS list growth, they’re automating significant increases in revenue and customer acquisition.” - Ian Mahanes, Technology Partnerships, Klaviyo


2. Growing their email and SMS lists and driving revenue by tapping into VIP customers

In September 2023, woom saw 40% of their email and SMS subscribers come from their referral program and as a direct result, saw a 58% increase in revenue month-over-month, as well as a 73% increase in their welcome series click rate month-over-month. 

That’s because for the first time, instead of offering $50 for every referral, they exclusively offered their SMS subscribers $100 for each referral. They sent the below three texts to their SMS subscribers over the span of 10 days, letting them know about the temporary reward increase. 



“This promotion helped us build customer loyalty as we were able to deliver exclusive benefits to these 'VIP' customers. We can’t wait to run this campaign again - next time we’re sending it to our email subscribers.” - Meredith Erikson,  Email & SMS Marketing Specialist, woom

This campaign also had a significant impact on their referral program metrics. While the campaign was live, they saw a …

  • 33% increase of Referral Widget Views
  • 37% increase in Share Rate
  • 82% increase in Shares
  • 173% increase in Referred Friend Clicks
  • 119% increase in Purchases generated from referrals

Another campaign they’ve run with Friendbuy and Klaviyo is a referral giveaway. During this giveaway, they offered customers an entry to win a $1,000 woom gift card for every share, AND a guaranteed $50 gift card for the Advocate and Referred Friend, when the Referred Friend purchased.

They promoted this referral giveaway with two Klaviyo emails and text messages. As a result, they saw a…

  • 38% increase in Share Rate
  • 36% increase in Shares  
  • 59% increase in Referred Friend clicks
  • 28% increase in Purchases generated from referrals
  • 86% increase in new phone numbers
  • 36% increase in new email addresses        



3. Implementing referral program placements that drive participation and revenue

In addition to all of the campaigns and workflows they have set up with Friendbuy and Klaviyo, woom's referral program success can also be attributed to implementing their referral program throughout different placements on their website, which allows their customers to find it quickly. 

Dedicated referral landing page

This stand-alone landing page allows woom to drive traffic to their referral program from other channels like email, text and social media. It is by far their most successful placement, as it drives 51% of all referral revenue. 


referral landing page


Primary, site-wide call-to-action (CTA)

This primary referral CTA, also referred to as a banner, can be accessed on all of their site pages. The CTA is simple - Get $100 off. When clicked, it triggers their referral widget. This placement drives 43% of their referral program revenue, as it allows their customers to find the referral program as soon as they think of someone they want to refer.


Untitled design (2)


Mobile web primary CTA

The woom team also includes their primary referral CTA on their mobile site experience. This placement is often overlooked by brands, but can be a very important placement for referrals on-the-go. 




Main navigation CTA

Including a referral program CTA in their main navigation is another way woom makes it easy for their customers to refer on impulse.


main nav

Post-purchase overlay

The post-purchase overlay is displayed on the order confirmation page, right after a customer completes their purchase. This is a great time to tell customers about your referral program, as they’re excited about the order they just placed. It also generates awareness and primes customers to refer when they’re chatting with friends and family about your product and want to refer.


woom 2




woom has seen a 30x ROI with their referral program, as well as a 21% higher average order value from referred friends, and have accelerated email and SMS subscriber acquisition every month by 20%-40%. 

But they’re just getting started. Their team frequently meets with their dedicated Friendbuy Customer Success Manager, Jason, to discuss new campaign ideas and strategies. Because of that, referrals have become a significant, consistent driver of their growth. 

“Jason is really the brains behind all of this, he’s really helped us make the most of our referral program. He’s patient with all of our questions, and always happy to hop on a call and help out. That’s why we’re so glad we found Friendbuy, it has definitely changed our sales growth and goals.” -  Isabelle Macdonald, Ecommerce Digital Marketing Specialist, woom