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11 Email Blast Examples That Rock. You’ll Get More Referrals Immediately Using Your Email List.

Standalone email blasts are one of the best ways to promote your referral program and generate more referral revenue immediately. Your email list represents a big batch of folks who are the most likely to refer their friends to your

Referral Marketing Benchmarks

Here’s a fair question: “What kind of return can I expect from a referral marketing (aka refer-a-friend) program if I invest my time and energy?”  As with any marketing channel, you’ll evaluate everything you test and cut budget on anything that doesn’t

Referral Marketing Tactics of the Best Brands

Friendbuy powers referral marketing (refer-a-friend programs) for many of the best brands & marketers in e-commerce. From emerging challenger brands to established multi-national organizations, a common attribute across our clients is that they are world-class marketers.  They understand the growth

16 Sweet Ecommerce Referral Programs: Awesome Widget Designs

I think a lot about ecommerce referral programs, especially from a metrics-driven, campaign performance perspective. Frankly, it’s how everyone at Friendbuy rolls. We’re steeped performance optimization and evangelizing referral program best practices to our customers. However… it’s good once and awhile to turn

7 of the Best Ecommerce Website Designs

Check our hand-picked list of the best ecommerce website designs. Are you paying attention to the small details that create great shopping experiences? These companies are! The sites listed below combine designs and features that are friendly, fun and unique. With a boring site, you

A Killer Referral Page is a Key Asset to Your Refer a Friend Program. Here’s Why.

If you have a referral program but haven’t set up set up a standalone referral page yet, that’s a damn shame. Why? Because they do some very heavy lifting for you and contribute massively to customer acquisition. BTW, referral pages are

20 Ecommerce Marketing Blogs Everyone Should Be Reading

Ecommerce moves fast. Blink once and your knowledge base and skill set will be outdated. Blink twice and you are irrelevant. OK, I know that’s hyperbolic. But I also know you want to stay current with all the latest trends,

How to Crush Ecommerce Customer Service Like Zappos, Amazon and Nordstrom

A few years ago, a woman checked into the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas and realized as she was unpacking that she’d forgotten her favorite pair of shoes. Remembering she’d purchased them from Zappos, she went to the website

The Geek’s Guide to Ecommerce Surveys

Short, concise customer surveys will reveal all sorts of interesting information that can help you boost your store’s conversion rates. And they’re easy to do. Let’s face it — data-driven marketers tend to stick to the numbers when looking for ways

8 Easy to Use Online Logo Makers to Design Your Brand

Your business logo is more than just the icon at the top of your website. It represents your entire brand identity in one visual punch. A fresh, sharp-looking logo not only increases business recognition and builds trust, it sets you

93 Free Credit Card Icons & Online Payment Icons

Sick and tired of crummy-looking credit card icons littering your store front and shopping cart? There’s an app for that. Er, well a download for that… If you’re looking for a visual upgrade, check out this master set of official

Thinking of Viral Marketing? Read This First.

Virality. It’s the stuff of marketing dreams. Whether it’s an original piece of content, a component in a broader marketing campaign, or even a hashtag on social media, we all want our efforts to bloom and grow beyond our wildest

Marketing to Millennials: Killer Examples and Surefire Tactics

Marketing to millennials is going to require a fresh perspective because traditional marketing tactics will fall flat. Don’t go fooling yourself, wasting your money in the wrong places or on the wrong tactics. Well… now that I’ve sufficiently sounded the alarm… how do you

Marketing to Millennials: Here’s Why It Matters

Attracting millennials to your ecommerce store isn’t a marketing strategy. It’s a survival strategy. Gen Y buying behavior is a compass for where ecommerce is headed. So if you’ve merely been paying lip service to millennials, it’s time to go all

6 Super Noteworthy Customer Referral Program Ideas

Creative marketers tend to tweak stuff. You should see what some of them are doing (and you will in this post) with their referral campaigns. When you build marketing software, you tend to think your customers will use it “as intended.”  However, some power users

41 Word of Mouth Marketing Statistics. Plus a Few Opinions.

Millions of recommendations are happening all over the world at any given moment. In cubicles and living rooms and on the Internet. Every day in every language. We’ve all felt the power of a positive recommendation – the way your perspective instantly

16 Recurring Billing and Subscription Management Software Solutions

I remember when Friendbuy was looking for – and evaluating – recurring billing software several years ago. Thanks to the venture capital community piling into this area of great need circa 2007-2011, a fresh crop of subscription billing platforms came onto the scene all at once, filling

Which Kind of Referral Email Template is Best?

We live in the age of social networks, so you might expect me to expound at length about how critical Facebook and Twitter are to making a referral marketing campaign successful. Well, here’s something you don’t hear every day – Email is

3 Mistakes That Will Doom Your Ecommerce Content Marketing

It seems like everyone is trying to get into the content game these days. It’s no wonder; Content is king and great content differentiates all-star brands from the rest of the pack. However, actually doing it right can be tricky. And

How Your Customer Happiness Index (CHI) Affects Your Bottom Line and What You Can Do About It

You learned from our last blog post why Customer Happiness Index (CHI) is a metric you can’t afford to ignore. Optimizing every touchpoint of the customer journey can be a powerful opportunity for growth and should be a consistent part of

Could CHO Be More Important Than CRO? What You Need to Know About Customer Happiness Optimization

Imagine you woke up on December 21st and the present you’d ordered your beloved child for Christmas still had not been delivered. And not just any present ― but THE present. Like a Cabbage Patch Kid in the 80s, Tickle Me Elmo

The Quick Start Guide to Retargeting

What percentage of ecommerce shoppers do you think convert on their first visit to an ecommerce store? According to retargeting platform AdRoll, it’s a mere 2%. I like the folks at AdRoll, but I’d take issue with that. 2% seems very low.

15 Ecommerce Infographics We Love

We think the best infographics have a mixture of compelling statistics, snazzy graphics and a specific point of view. If it also teaches you something new, even better. Heck, sometimes a fresh look at something you already know is worthwhile, too.

Here’s How the Rules of Ecommerce UX Have Changed Since Your Last Redesign

Gone are the days when ecommerce brands could afford to do major redesigns of their store every few years… With technology constantly improving, ecommerce brands must continually test and iterate to improve user experience (UX). What do we mean by

47 Referral Program Examples Listed by Incentive Type (Plus Three Bonus Examples!)

We’re frequently asked for blog posts that show referral program examples. We get it, you’re hungry for ideas. In this post, we’ll group the examples by the types of referral incentives (free merchandise, store credit, etc.) you may wish to consider

Why Marketers Should Write Ecommerce Copy That Taps into These 4 Proven Facets of Desire

Quick — try and name a consumer brand that goes negative with in their advertising copy. I’ll wait. Can’t think of one? Neither can I. The only time you see negativity in marketing seems to be for public service announcements about

Referral Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

I’ve seen quite a few great referral programs. That’s one of the perks of working at Friendbuy – observing many (thousands of) campaigns.  It’s pretty easy to identify common traits shared by the best of them. What I see, over and over, is that

7 Clever Things You Can and Should Do Today to Cut Ecommerce Shopping Cart Abandonment in Half

How much money do you think is left in abandoned ecommerce carts every year?  $5 million?  $1 billion? Try $4 trillion. Even worse, this amount should only rise with online retail expected to become a $1.5 trillion dollar industry this

The Psychology Of Buyer Behavior: 16 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get Inside Your Visitors’ Brains and Convert Them (Plus, a Bonus)

More choice is always better, right? When it comes to picking out a new outfit or deciding what to eat at a trendy new restaurant, we assume more options should lead to better outcomes. But actually, the opposite is usually

The No-Fuss Quick Start Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization for Ecommerce

Ecommerce Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is about detecting where your site isn’t converting well and running experiments to see if you can increase conversion. It uses hypotheses, testing, analytics and user feedback to improve website conversions – which can be anything from turning

New Feature: Reward Emails and Referral Automation

Friendbuy has launched an easy way to set up automated reward notification emails. We’re talkin’ real referral automation here…

You Thought Ecommerce Email Marketing Was All About Cart Retrieval. Here Are 13 More Tactics to Grow Your Shop Today.

Here’s the fact: there’s a lot more to ecommerce email marketing than cart retrieval emails and winback campaigns. Sure, winback and cart retrieval are great tactics. Studies have shown that half of those who abandon their carts will return to buy within

New Feature: Sitewide Referral Ribbons

Friendbuy just launched a new kind of display setting for referral widgets: Sitewide ribbons. Ribbons are a way to referral widgets on your site that replaces the need to install a share button. However, the core user experience is the same:

6 Myths About Referral Programs Debunked (#3 is the Worst)

Let’s clear the air about referral programs and some commonly held (mis)beliefs.  Yeah, we know you have a lot of choices for attracting new customers – print, display, PPC, SEM, retargeting, etc. Heck, if you’re lucky enough to have $4 million lying

Subscription Referral Programs: What You Need to Know

A referral program is a marketing tactic wherein you (the marketer) encourage anyone you can reach (your customers, social followers and folks in your email list) to promote your product/service to their friends, A.K.A. your next customers. So what makes

[Slides] How to Do Referral Marketing

Your customers love what you do.  And they’ll refer their friends if you use the right tools and tactics.  So check out the referral marketing crash course below see for yourself how to do referral marketing. Be sure to embed this

5 Tactics to Increase Referral Landing Page Conversions

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. An old adage that remains especially true when referred visitors (friends of folks who’ve shared your company) arrive at your web site. This is where you get to put

4 Examples of the Best Customer Referral Program Templates

The best customer referral programs, unsurprisingly, follow best practices (funny how that works!) While there are many tactics to consider, here are four essential strategies — using real world examples — that referral marketers are implementing every day to generate lift in user participation (more

DMARC Checklist: Make Sure All Your Business Emails Get Delivered

In April, Yahoo then AOL changed their DMARC policy to reject unauthenticated emails. That means a lot of legitimate emails are now blocked, never reaching their intended recipient. You’ll want to review all the third-party tools you use and update

11 Call to Action Examples Praised and Razed

Calls to action (CTAs) really, really matter because they have a material impact on conversion performance. Plenty of ink has been spilled on this topic among many of your finer marketing blogs.  I’ve got a few mental shortcuts for evaluating

4 Cost Effective Marketing Tools that are Actually Fun to Use

Here are a four of our favorite, cost-effective marketing tools.  Of the many tactical tools we use for day-to-day marketing tasks, these stick out not only because they help drive more sales and conversions, but they’re actually fun to use.

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How to Promote Your Customer Referral Program – Part 2 of 2

In this week’s post (conveniently titled Part 2 of 2), we continue our discussion from last week covering how to get more customer referrals by taking advantage of the many digital surfaces you control. This week we’ll discuss email, social profiles and

How to Promote Your Customer Referral Program – Part 1 of 2

In our last post, we discussed the importance of maximizing the reach of your customer referral program in order to increase your social referral volume. Making referral widgets freely available to your customers — on as many digital surfaces as

How to Increase Your Social Referral Volume

Here’s a refrain often heard from marketers who want to build a referral program, “I want my customers to share right after they buy something from me…on the order confirmation page.”  It’s an intuitive place to encourage your customers to

Referral Program Ideas That ‘Fit’ My Business

Some types of referral incentives will play better with your customer base and business model than others. Rewarding referrers with store credit is probably a better bet for an apparel retailer than a funeral home. What do you think will create

12 Types of Referral Incentives

Looking to brainstorm and ‘strategize’ a bit? Well, we’ve got a pretty comprehensive list of referral reward ideas below. If you’ve already thought through and selected your incentive structure, it’s now time to peruse the types of referral incentives you can put

Understanding Referral Incentive Structures

What’s your plan?  Are you going to use a one-sided or two-sided incentive for your referral program? We can help you think that through.

Referral Marketing Programs Work: Here’s Why

Planning your refer a friend program is fun. Why? Because it’s where your personal creativity and business objectives meet.  You get to ask a lot of ‘what if’ questions and intuit the outcome.  Who doesn’t like speculating about the future?

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Customer Referral Programs Boost Customer Acquisition

Do you want a referral program to drive customer acquisition? Maybe you’ve seen the wild success of Groupon or Fab and want to replicate that kind of viral success. It’s really just a matter of encouraging your current, happy customers

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How to Boost Social Referrals on Mobile Devices with Strong Title Copy

Let’s be clear about the nature of mobile usage for social media: 60% of Facebook users access their account via mobile devices (600M out of 1B users). Suffice it to say, much of what your customers share (content, products, deals,

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Social Sharing Protects Your SEO Value Over The Long Run

Prior to the end of 2011, the SEO universe was stable with a standard set of rules that companies used in order to get their pages ranked in the top ten search results for chosen keywords.  First, content needed to

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How to Use Email to Increase Social Sharing and Customer Referrals

Most Friendbuy partners get starting with our platform by setting up post purchase sharing. It’s completely logical to encourage customers to share with their friends at the point of sale, when they are most excited. Consider stepping it up a notch

11 Custom Share Widgets to Inspire Designers

Custom share widgets match your brand, look fantastic and improve customer referral performance. We covered the all-important share buttons in our last blog post, which are responsible for your initial engagement rate. The next step in the lead-generation funnel is to

14 Custom Share Buttons to Inspire Designers

Professionally designed, custom share buttons can be a boon to your social sharing campaigns and customer referral program.  Your social lead-generation funnel begins with the button. The initial engagement rate is the absolute genesis of all the metrics that follow.

Should I Cancel My Advertising Budget?

Cancelling an advertising budget sounds like a pretty drastic step, but if you are aiming for more cost effective customer acquisition and longer lasting relationships between your customers and your brand, here are some facts to consider: 86% of viewers

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Refer a Friend Program A/B Testing

Friendbuy launches A/B testing tool for refer a friend programs to help drive up customer referrals and acquisition. Now it’s easier than ever to set up split testing for social sharing and customer referral campaigns.  Test a share button or

Rock Your Post-Conversion Social Sharing

As a marketer, you’ve paid good money for a new customer one way or another, via PPC or earned media.   It’s time to start generating even more value out of that conversion you worked so hard to get, whether it

Friendbuy and Unbounce Integration

Unbounce is a SaaS company that helps marketers and non-technical people build great-looking landing pages. Their WYSIWYG editor is easy to use and even – dare we say – fun to work with.

How to Get More Referrals From Your Homepage

The most visited area of your website is very likely your homepage. Here’s how to get more referrals generated from your most valuable piece of real estate.

Simple A/B Testing to Optimize Social Sharing and Referrals

Birchbox is a $10/month subscription service that delivers hand-picked beauty and lifestyle samples to consumers. If subscribers like an item in their monthly box of goodies, they can come back and buy the full-size version.

Friendbuy: Refer a Friend Tracking Software

Flex your marketing muscles.  Be creative. Have some fun. Friendbuy believes in unleashing the creative genius of social marketers.   We give you the unbridled freedom to easily deploy new referral campaigns and measure what works.

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11 Email Blast Examples That Rock. You’ll Get More Referrals Immediately Using Your Email List.

Standalone email blasts are one of the best ways to promote your referral program and generate more referral revenue immediately.

6 Super Noteworthy Customer Referral Program Ideas

Creative marketers tend to tweak stuff. You should see what some of them are doing (and you will in this post)

41 Word of Mouth Marketing Statistics. Plus a Few Opinions.

Millions of recommendations are happening all over the world at any given moment. In cubicles and living rooms and on the

16 Sweet Ecommerce Referral Programs: Awesome Widget Designs

I think a lot about ecommerce referral programs, especially from a metrics-driven, campaign performance perspective. Frankly, it’s how everyone at Friendbuy