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Example 1: OLLY's tier-based loyalty program unlocks a 26% higher average order value 

If you’re looking for a way to integrate your loyalty program into your customer journeys in a way that impacts your bottom line - you’ll want to see this. OLLY’s customized loyalty program, powered by Friendbuy, is using member tiers to increase customer lifetime value and average order value. 


Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 9.40.21 AM

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They’ve also layered their loyalty program throughout their email and SMS journeys using the Friendbuy and Attentive integration, and have seen that almost half of their new SMS subscribers are loyalty program members, making it easy to stay top of mind. 


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"Working with the Friendbuy team, and tapping into their integrations with our other partners, really accelerates our potential growth. We’re now offering a level of personalization and dynamic messaging to customers that we just didn’t have before.” - Jennifer Peters, Senior DTC Manager, OLLY


Example 2: 47 Brand building a loyal fan base



47 Brand migrated and launched their loyalty program with Friendbuy in just 30 days - and they did it with style.

Their customized loyalty program now gives them the ability to reward customers for shopping specific Shopify collections, and it auto-applies free shipping for loyalty members when they checkout. 

Plus, they’re also using the Friendbuy and Attentive integration to reward their customers for subscribing to email and SMS, so they’re able to grow their lists and easily identify and communicate with their top fans.

Basically, it’s a home run, touchdown, goal, and three-pointer all in one.






Example 3: MZ Wallace Incentivizing Repeat Purse Purchases

MZ Wallace is using their Friendbuy powered loyalty program to create an exclusive but not-so-secret club. They’ve set up spend-based tiers - Silver, Gold, Platinum - where each tier unlocks different perks, special gifts, and VIP experiences. 




All their customers have to do is sign up for The MZW Rewards Club, where they’ll earn 1 point for every $1 they spend, and get $1 off for every 10 points redeemed. 

Example 4: ALOHA Collection Turning Frequent Buyers into Frequent Flyers 

If you skimmed through this example, you’ll likely think this loyalty program is for an airline. That’s because ALOHA Collections (a popular travel and everyday bag company) went the extra mile with customizing their loyalty program to make it a unique and memorable experience for their customers. 



They branded their loyalty program as ALOHA Miles, they refer to loyalty program members as Frequent Flyers, and their tiers are Premier, Business Class, and First Class. Though all the fundamental earning events you expect in a loyalty program are there - 1 Mile per $1 spent, a birthday bonus, 20 miles for leaving a review - they’ve customized the experience in a way that customers feel like it’s fresh and different than most other loyalty programs that they’re incentivized to join.