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How Olive & June Achieved an 18.5% Conversion Rate With a Referral Program Powered by Friendbuy



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Industry Beauty
Location United States

Friendbuy Plan: Enterprise
Friendbuy Products: Referral Program Software
Integrations: Shopify Plus, Iterable

Your BFF for all things nails, Olive & June was founded in 2013 by mani-obsessed Sarah Gibson Tuttle in Beverly Hills, California as an elevated salon experience, delivering personalized attention and luxury service at an approachable price. In 2019 with the mission to bring beautiful nails to everyone, Olive & June introduced a full line of products for a salon-quality experience at home. Through these first-of-their-kind products and educational content, Olive & June revolutionized the at-home nail experience.

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“Tracking our referral campaigns in Friendbuy is so easy to do. The dashboard is very intuitive and allows us to see how our different campaigns are performing compared to each other in a really digestible way.”

Andie Krafcisin

Sr. Manager - Lifecycle / CRM Marketing, Olive & June


Grow Referral Marketing Reach

Marketing in the beauty industry is tough business. Potential customers are bombarded with ads from nearly every direction and cutting through the noise is essential for the success of any brand. Additionally, beauty product consumers are notoriously picky about the brands they choose, and want to feel that what they’re using to glam up is genuinely meant for them. 

This makes word-of-mouth marketing one of the most effective strategies in the industry for capturing more customers and improving brand stickiness. And it’s also the reason Olive and June, a disruptive nail care startup, decided to implement a customer referral program with Friendbuy.

A long-time fan of referral marketing strategies, Andie Krafcisin, Sr. Manager of Lifecycle and CRM Marketing, joined the Olive and June team with a goal to increase the reach of the company’s referral marketing program and grow it to its full potential.

“I’ve seen the power of referral marketing in my previous roles and I’m a big believer in using your best customers as brand advocates — especially in the beauty industry where consumers trust the opinions of their close friends far more than they ever would an advertising campaign.” 




Optimize Referral Program Placements Throughout the Customer Lifecycle & Maximize Share Rates With Friendbuy’s Design Tools 

Friendbuy worked closely with Andie and the team at Olive and June to optimize the placement of referral offers within their customer journey and devise tactics for increasing engagement. Referral widgets were strategically placed with customer prompts in email footers, welcome flows, purchase flows and more, to make sure that customers were continually aware of the brand’s referral program. And with the help of Friendbuy’s design team, each of these widgets conformed to the exact requirements of Olive and June’s brand. This ensured customers had the most seamless experience possible while engaging with the company’s omni-channel presence.

Additionally, Friendbuy’s native integration with Iterable made it easy for Andie to increase engagement with Olive and June’s referral program. 

“We track all of our referrals and user profile data in Iterable so we can create unique campaigns for both referrers and referees,” she said. “And this means we know if someone has a free polish offer they haven't redeemed and can send them a quick message as a reminder or use a different subject line.”

“The Friendbuy team constantly provides us with new and innovative features that help us optimize our referral campaigns. Not new products that we just don’t need.”



More Customers, Clearly Attributed

Working with the Friendbuy team, Olive and June transformed its referral marketing program into a powerful customer acquisition and retention tool that resulted in an 18.5% conversion rate and 10x ROI. 

Andie attributed these successes to three main factors: 

  • Friendbuy’s dynamic design options — such as the ability to personalize referral emails, landing pages and widgets with an advocate’s name to increase conversion rates 

  • The comprehensive dashboard that provides her with both a bird’s-eye and detailed view of what is happening with each campaign

  • Andie’s Friendbuy Customer Success Manager, Ivette, whom she meets with bi-weekly for guidance and best practices on referral program implementation