Exciting New Feature: SMS Opt-In Status

by Emma Kimmerly

July 12, 2023

Our team at Friendbuy is happy to announce a new enhancement to our referral marketing software: the inclusion of SMS opt-in status in the Email Report. This new feature provides you with valuable SMS opt-in data to better optimize your SMS referral strategy. 



🔍 Why is this enhancement important?

In the past, our opt-in reports primarily emphasized the status of email opt-ins. However, with our ongoing efforts to enhance our SMS integration capabilities, we are now giving equal importance to SMS opt-ins in these reports. By incorporating SMS opt-in status into the Email Report, you can now leverage the full power of Friendbuy's capabilities.

🔧 How will this benefit you?

1️⃣ Troubleshooting: Customer Success Managers (CSMs) frequently use the data in the Email Report to troubleshoot customer issues. With this update, CSMs can effortlessly cross-reference the opt-in status against integration platforms, ensuring seamless integration and accurate data synchronization. Additionally, you can verify if your advocates have shared your referral program and if their friends have entered their email addresses.

2️⃣ Funnel Metrics: The information provided in this report is invaluable when it comes to completing funnel metrics for your business. We understand that having comprehensive analytics is crucial for merchants, and this update allows you to achieve just that. You can now track the number of emails shared via widgets and gather essential data to complete the funnel metrics after "clicks." This feature empowers you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your referral marketing campaigns effectively.

📝 Important Note:

Please note that the Email Report captures the first opt-in status via Friendbuy widgets and does not include double opt-in status. For double opt-in information, we kindly request that you refer to the respective integration platforms, such as Attentive and Iterable. While this enhancement provides you with a broader picture of your customers' preferences, it's important to consider double opt-in status separately.

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