Shopify Coupons Are Now a Reward Type for Loyalty Earning Events

by Emma Kimmerly

October 16, 2023

We are very excited to announce new functionality available inside Friendbuy’s loyalty program software that enables merchants to provide even more value to their all-important customers — Shopify Coupons via our Shopify integration! 

Shopify customers can now leverage our existing integration to generate coupons in the earning events configuration rather than having to manually upload codes via Friendbuy’s coupon bank.

shopify coupon for loyalty


🎉💰 Unique customer codes

Merchants utilizing Friendbuy's Shopify integration can effortlessly distribute coupon codes, which are auto-generated upon a customer's completion of a rewardable event. This seamless functionality enriches your programs and makes rewarding loyal customers with Shopify coupons a breeze.

🔐👤 Unique customer codes 

Every Shopify coupon code generated through Friendbuy's integration will be unique to the customer and designated for one-time use across all products, with no expiration date. The coupon code can be configured as a fixed amount or percentage discount according to your preference. Optionally, you can set up the coupon codes with a minimum purchase amount requirement, ensuring they are redeemable only by new customers at checkout.  

To learn more about Shopify Coupons as a reward for loyalty customers, don't hesitate to reach out to your customer success manager. You can also find more information on how to use this feature in our Help Center. And keep an eye out for more referral program software and loyalty program software updates from Friendbuy.

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