Personalize Your Widgets With the Advocate’s Name

by Emma Kimmerly

August 14, 2023

One of the best ways to ensure you’re running a strong referral program is to make it as personalized as possible for the people who engage with it. In fact, research has shown that customers are 3-4 times more likely to convert when they receive a referral message from a friend that they recognize. And that’s why our team at Friendbuy has added a new feature that allows you to easily add an advocate’s name to your referral widgets!

By infusing this human touch into your widgets, you can create connections that resonate, driving higher engagement and more revenue for your company. 


🌟 Ease of Use 

Incorporating the advocate's name into your widgets is incredibly easy. Whether the advocate enters just their first name or both their first and last names, our system handles it seamlessly. The name will be displayed on advocate referrals or friend incentive widgets across your campaigns with proper capitalization. 

For a full explanation of how to add personalization to your widgets, see our Help Article: How to Personalize Your Widgets with the Advocate Name

📈 Improve Referral Engagement 

With this simple yet impactful addition to your referral widgets, you're on your way to creating an even more authentic and customized  experience for your customers. 

Start personalizing your referral widgets today and witness the transformation in action. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, simply reach out to your customer success manager for step-by-step guidance. And keep an eye out for more referral program software and loyalty program software updates from Friendbuy.

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