Level Up Your Loyalty & Referral Programs With New Segment Destination & Source Integrations

by Samantha Samuels

August 4, 2023

Friendbuy's two-way integration with Segment is a game-changing solution that seamlessly combines the capabilities of both platforms. The integration works in two directions — as a destination and as a source. This means that marketers can leverage Friendbuy's referral program and loyalty program features through their Segment Workspace while also enriching their customer data and personalizing customer journeys using data sent from Friendbuy to Segment.


📍 Friendbuy as a Segment Destination

Launching referral and loyalty programs has never been easier with Friendbuy's destination integration in the Segment dashboard. Marketers can quickly load Friendbuy's JavaScript, enabling referral and loyalty event tracking and attribution. Customer-facing referral widgets can also be easily enabled, making it effortless for customers to refer their friends.

One of the most exciting features of the destination integration is the ability to send Friendbuy customer data and purchase events back to Segment. This allows marketers to trigger rewards to customers, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving further engagement. With the web and cloud destination actions, launching and optimizing referral and loyalty programs has never been more convenient.

ℹī¸ Friendbuy as a Segment Source 

Friendbuy's integration with Segment goes beyond just being a destination. It also functions as a powerful source, enriching Segment with valuable data to personalize customer journeys. Real-time data, including customer data, referral event data, loyalty event data, and reward event data, is automatically sent from Friendbuy to Segment. This enriched data can be instantly sent to connected tools like data warehouses, opening up endless possibilities for personalization and data-driven decision-making.

Unlocking the Power of Referral and Loyalty Programs

Friendbuy and Segment's two-way integration opens up a world of possibilities for marketers, enabling them to achieve incredible results. Below are a few examples of how this integration can revolutionize your marketing efforts.

📈 Acquire New Customers Through Referral Programs 

Referral marketing is one of the most effective ways to acquire new customers. With Friendbuy's seamless integration, you can launch and optimize referral programs quickly, leading to a potential acquisition of 5 - 15% of all new customers through referrals.

💎 Increase Customer Lifetime Value
Personalization is the key to fostering customer loyalty and maximizing customer lifetime value. By leveraging the enriched data from Friendbuy in Segment, you can create relevant and personalized communication for your customers, leading to a 3-4X increase in customer lifetime value.

📊 Act on Customer Data
Gone are the days of cookie-cutter marketing. With the combined power of Friendbuy and Segment, you can gather deep insights into customer behavior and preferences. Utilize this data to make informed decisions and tailor your marketing strategies to suit individual customer needs.

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