More Accurate Analytics By Marking Test Purchases

by Emma Kimmerly

July 3, 2023

The Friendbuy team is thrilled to announce a new enhancement to our platform that will help ensure your analytics and reporting remain accurate and reliable. You now have the ability to clearly mark test purchases that are set up in the process of launching a campaign and exclude them from being counted in your overall data. This provides your team with a crystal clear understanding of the actual impact of your campaigns. 


Feature Capabilities:

  • Mark an individual purchase as a “test” 
  • Bulk mark purchases as “tests”
  • Unmark an individual purchases as a “test”
  • Bulk unmark purchases as “tests”
  • Exclude test data from impacting a variety of other campaign metrics

Friendbuy is committed to constantly improving our loyalty marketing and referral marketing software and providing you with the tools you need to create outstanding campaigns. To learn more about this and other new features, please contact your customer success manager. 

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