Introducing Friendbuy's Integration With Fivetran

by Samantha Samuels

June 29, 2023

Friendbuy, the leading Loyalty and Referral Program Software, is excited to announce its enhanced integration with Fivetran, a cloud-based data integration platform. This integration empowers businesses to effortlessly sync their referral and loyalty program data with other marketing and analytics systems, enabling seamless campaign tracking, optimization, and personalized customer experiences. With a wide range of new features and capabilities, Friendbuy's Fivetran integration takes your referral and loyalty program efforts to the next level, driving customer acquisition and revenue growth.


Automated Data Sync: With Friendbuy's enhanced Fivetran integration, you can now automate the synchronization of your referral and loyalty program data, ensuring accurate and up-to-date insights without manual intervention. Say goodbye to time-consuming data exports and imports, and enjoy real-time data availability.

Streamlined Campaign Tracking: Track the performance of your referral and loyalty campaigns effortlessly with the integration's advanced tracking capabilities. Gain deep insights into key metrics such as referral clicks, conversions, revenue generated, and more. Identify high-performing campaigns and optimize your referral and loyalty program strategies accordingly.

Enhanced Customer Segmentation: Leverage the power of Fivetran's robust data integration capabilities to segment your customer base effectively. By combining referral and loyalty event data with other customer data sources, such as CRM or email marketing platforms, you can create highly targeted segments for personalized campaigns, increasing engagement and conversions.

Improved ROI Analysis: Analyzing the return on investment (ROI) of your referral and loyalty programs is now simpler and more insightful. Friendbuy's Fivetran integration enables seamless data transfer to your preferred analytics or BI tool, empowering you to perform in-depth ROI analysis and optimize your referral and loyalty program based on data-driven insights.

Scalable and Reliable Data Integration: Fivetran's robust infrastructure ensures reliable data integration, even as your business scales. Benefit from efficient data pipelines that handle large volumes of data and eliminate data silos, allowing you to make informed business decisions based on a holistic view of your marketing and referral and loyalty data.

Friendbuy's enhanced Fivetran integration brings together the best of referral, loyalty and data integration, enabling businesses to drive customer acquisition, maximize revenue, and foster brand advocacy. Seamlessly sync your referral and loyalty data with other marketing and analytics systems, and unlock the full potential of your referral and loyalty program.

To learn more about Friendbuy's Fivetran integration and how it can revolutionize your referral and loyalty program, check out our documentation here or Book a Meeting with our Referral & Loyalty Experts.