Introducing Friendbuy’s Enhanced Integration With Attentive

by Samantha Samuels

August 4, 2023

In the world of e-commerce, effective marketing strategies are key to growth and retention. Today, we are excited to announce Friendbuy’s enhanced integration with Attentive, which aims to help e-commerce brands level up their referral and loyalty programs through more personalized and segmented communication.  


📱 Rewarding Customers for Signing up for Emails & Texts 

One of the primary benefits of Friendbuy’s enhanced integration with Attentive is the ability to issue loyalty rewards when customers sign up for Attentive texts or emails. This feature allows businesses to strengthen customer relationships by providing incentives early on, encouraging engagement and loyalty. 

🎯 Advanced Segmentation and Targeting

The enhancements enable merchants to set up more advanced segmentation using the data Friendbuy sends to Attentive. With the inclusion of custom properties and loyalty events, businesses gain valuable insights into their user base. This deeper understanding allows marketers to create target audiences within Attentive, identify top referrers, and develop highly personalized campaigns. By segmenting customers based on referral revenue, purchases, member tiers, and other attributes, marketers can deliver tailored messages and offers, maximizing their marketing efforts.

🔄 Streamlined Integration and Real-time Updates:

The integration enhancements enable seamless data transmission between Friendbuy and Attentive. The events and attributes are updated in real time, ensuring marketers have access to the latest information for campaign optimization. This streamlined integration process saves time and effort for marketers while providing accurate and up-to-date customer data.

🛠️ Loyalty Event Triggers and Customization:

Marketers can now leverage loyalty events as triggers for Attentive Journeys. Custom events, such as customer tier changes, loyalty reward earned events and loyalty purchase events, can be used to initiate personalized email and text message campaigns. For example, a loyalty reward journey can be triggered when a customer earns a reward through Friendbuy, and the event properties can include details such as member tier status, points earned and total points available to redeem. This level of customization allows for highly targeted and engaging communication with customers, enhancing their overall brand experience.

💬 Flexibility in Communication Channels:

With the updated Attentive Integration, merchants have greater control over communication channels. They can choose to send emails, texts or both. This flexibility ensures that businesses can tailor their marketing approach to their specific audience preferences and optimize engagement. By leveraging the most effective channels for their target customers, marketers can achieve higher conversion rates and increased ROI with Friendbuy's referral program software and loyalty program software

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