NEW! Code-based sharing for Enterprise Customers

by Emma Kimmerly

December 11, 2023

Our latest update brings a significant enhancement to Friendbuy’s platform, making it easier than ever to track customer conversions in your referral program. As of today, Friendbuy’s platform allows you to run referral campaigns using referral codes as an alternative to personal URLs (PURLs). This provides you with the flexibility to choose the tracking method that aligns best with your marketing strategy and will be especially helpful for merchants with mobile apps.

code based sharing


📱 Huge benefits for merchants with mobile apps 

Merchants can now properly track actions related to mobile apps in a way that was previously unavailable with personal URLs (PURLs). Using Friendbuy’s API, merchants can use code-based sharing to incorporate referral codes into various user flows, such as app downloads, sign ups and mobile app checkouts, and clearly establish attribution.

🌐 Offline attribution

Code base-sharing now provides a clear and scalable way to attribute word-of-mouth referrals appropriately, even when they take place offline.  

🛡️ Fraud checks included

To ensure control over the validity and usage of your codes, merchants can check the validity of referral codes by making a call to our API. The API response includes information on the code's blocked or unblocked status, and if blocked, no further details are provided. If unblocked, advocate information and incentive details are accessible.

📊 Analytics tracked

Our analytics dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your referral program's performance. Track key metrics such as signups, purchases, and revenue, empowering you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns. 

💻 Code generation & API calls

Referral code generation is provided through the 'postpersonalreferrallink' API call. This streamlined process ensures quick and efficient creation of both Referral Codes and PURLs, making it easier for you to launch and manage campaigns.

🎁 API triggered rewards

We've introduced a new way to reward friends through API triggers. It is not applicable to advocates, as rewards for advocates require a track call from the merchant, confirming a signup, purchase, or custom event.

To learn more about code-based sharing, don't hesitate to reach out to your customer success manager. You can also find more information on how to use this feature in our Help Center. And keep an eye out for more referral program software and loyalty program software updates from Friendbuy.

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