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Email marketing is a tried and tested method of building your customer relationships. It’s also essential for the success of your loyalty programs—an increasingly valuable medium for retailers. Markets and Markets predicts the global loyalty management market, currently worth $10.2 billion, will be worth over $22.8 billion by 2028. 

Read on to find out more about loyalty rewards programs and how using one can earn you more revenue. We’ve also created templates for you to use as you wish. 

The Purpose of a Loyalty Program Email

Loyalty program emails keep your brand fresh in customers’ minds. They encourage repeat business in exchange for promotions, rewards, exclusive offers, and benefits.

According to Litmus, email drives an ROI of $36 for every dollar spent. But let’s look at the data as of 2023 according to MailerLite:

  • Average open rates: 37.65%
  • Average click rate: 3.36%
  • Average click-thru rate (CTR): 8.93%
  • Average unsubscribe rate: 0.24%
  • Average bounce rate: 0.30%

By scheduling regular customer loyalty program email campaigns, you're able to drive that valuable customer engagement toward your loyalty program.

When to Send Loyalty Program Emails

It’s not only about quality. The effectiveness of your customer loyalty emails also depends on your timing. Here’s what we know:

  1. People like consistency: Determining a regular cadence builds trust and anticipation in your customers. 
  2. Day of the week: According to MailerLite, Thursday and Monday generate the highest open rate in the first 2 hours of sending. 
  3. Time of day: MailerLite reports that the majority of email opens occur between 11AM-12PM, 6-7PM, and 2AM. 
  4. Utilize key events: Trigger emails by events such as a signup or advancement to a new tier, for example.

What to Include in a Customer Loyalty Program Email

A customer loyalty program email should be engaging, personalized, and focused on providing value to the recipients. Here are a few key things to include in your loyalty program emails: 

  • Gratitude and appreciation: Express your gratitude for the customer's loyalty and support. Let them know you value their business.
  • Your company’s branding: Your customer loyalty emails—and loyalty dashboard—should be visually appealing using your company’s brand colors, fonts, and designs. Friendbuy's loyalty program software, for example, offers extensive customization capabilities to match your brand identity. 
  • A reminder to refer friends: Running referral programs alongside your customer loyalty programs helps you acquire new customers while rewarding existing loyal customers for their advocacy. 
  • A strong call to action: Clearly state what action you want the recipient to take, such as "Shop Now," "Redeem Your Reward," or "Upgrade Your Membership."

3 Successful Loyalty Program Emails

To see these best practices in action, let's take a look at these loyalty program email examples from a few of our customers.


saalt loyalty program email (1)

Saalt’s welcome email begins with a warm: “Welcome! Cyber hugs from Saalt.” The email itself jumps straight into who they are and what Saalt stands for.

MZ Wallace New York 

mz wallace post purchase loyalty email (1)

MZ Wallace’s loyalty email is simple yet effective. Instead of telling the customer everything they need to know, the brand entices them to find out how many points they’ve earned by clicking “SHOP NOW”. 


annmarie loyalty program email (1)

Annmarie welcomes customers with a generous 500 points: a $5 reward. They also suggest products for the customer to spend it on. 

Email Templates for Different Loyalty Program Types 

Once you have your rewards program in place, it's time to set up your automated emails. To get you started, here are a few tried-and-true loyalty program email templates that you can copy into your workflow.


Subject: Earn More, Get More with [Your Brand] Rewards!

Hi [Name],

Exciting news! Your loyalty points balance has just grown. You now have [X] points, and we're thrilled to help you get the most out of them.

Keep shopping with us to earn more points and unlock amazing rewards. 

Start Earning Now

Warm regards,


Points to Next Tier

Subject: Elevate Your [Tier Name] Status Today!

Hi [Name],

You're on the path to greatness! With your recent achievements, you're [X] points away from reaching the coveted [Tier Name] status in our loyalty program.

Don't miss out! Shop now to level up and enjoy the best we have to offer.

Elevate Your Status


New Tier Unlocked

Subject: Congratulations! You've Just Moved Up a Level.

Hi [Name],

Fantastic news! You've unlocked a new level in our loyalty program. 

Welcome to the [New Tier Name] tier, where even more exclusive rewards and benefits await you. Thank you for your continued loyalty and support.

Explore Your New Benefits 

Best regards,

Tier Expiration

Subject: Act Now! Your VIP Status is About to Expire.

Hi [Name],

Time is running out! Your VIP status is set to expire soon.

To continue enjoying exclusive benefits, rewards, and perks, make sure to meet the requirements to maintain your VIP status.

Renew Your VIP Status

Best regards,

Paid membership

Subject: Upgrade Today for Exclusive Perks!

Hi [Name],

Unlock premium benefits now! Upgrade to our paid membership for exclusive perks and savings.

Upgrade Today



Subject: Discover Exclusive Value Just for You!

Hi [Name],

We believe your journey with us should be truly special. That's why we've crafted exclusive value offerings tailored to your preferences.

Start experiencing the value you deserve. Your unique benefits are waiting!

Explore Your Value 

Warm regards,

Email Templates for Emails Throughout the Loyalty Marketing Funnel

Loyalty Opt-in Email 

Subject: Welcome to X Rewards!

Hi [Name],

Welcome to [Your Brand]'s loyalty program! Enjoy exclusive perks, rewards, and more. Click below to start earning now.

Join Now

Warm regards,

Points Expiration

Subject: Your Points Are Expiring Soon!

Hi [Name],

Don't let your points go to waste! Your points are set to expire soon. Redeem them now for great rewards.

Redeem Now


Points Earned 

Subject: You've Earned Points!

Hi [Name],

Congrats! You've just earned [X] points with your recent purchase. Keep collecting for amazing rewards.

Keep Earning


Points to Next Reward 

Subject: Just [X] Points Away from a Reward!

Hi [Name],

You're so close to your next reward! Only [X] points left to unlock something special.

Keep Going


Reward Earned 

Subject: You Earned a $[X] Reward!

Hi [Name],

You did it! You've earned a $[X] reward. Use it on your next purchase or save it for something big.

Enjoy Your Reward

Warm regards,

Program Summary 

Subject: Your April 2023 Account Summary

Hi [Name],

Stay in the know! Check out your April 2023 account summary to see your points, rewards, and more.

View Summary 


Options for Creating or Managing Loyalty Program Emails

There are multiple ways you can create and manage loyalty program emails, including:

  1. Rewards platforms: Some loyalty program management software includes built-in email marketing features. Friendbuy, for example, allows you to send pre-templated automated emails and can integrate with your existing tech stack. A wide range of brands, including retailers, hotels, and coffee shops would benefit from this option.
  2. Email marketing software: Platforms like Mailchimp or SendinBlue offer user-friendly email templates, automation features, and analytics. This is a great option for both retailers and B2B businesses. 
  3. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems: CRM systems, like HubSpot, allow you to segment customers based on their loyalty program status, purchase history, and preferences. CRM systems help B2C and B2B companies alike manage customer data, track purchase history, and streamline sales processes. 


Emails and email strategy are an essential part of your loyalty program. Not only will they help increase your sign-up numbers, but they’ll also keep your loyal customers engaged with your program. 

Keep your customers coming back with Friendbuy’s Loyalty Platform