Partner Spotlight: How to Grow Your SMS Subscriber List with a Referral Program

by Samantha Samuels

March 2, 2021

We’re living in an increasingly mobile-first world, especially as younger generations continue to enter the workforce and become consumers. With shorter attention spans and more noise than ever before, you have to meet customers where they are—which is on their phones. 

Though mobile-friendly sites and email campaigns are important parts of any referral program, building your SMS subscriber list is also a key strategy in the modern world. This is why Friendbuy has partnered with Attentive, a mobile messaging platform, to integrate text messaging into your referral program and help you build your list of mobile subscribers.

How Does It Work?

When an advocate refers a friend after completing a purchase, visiting your site, or responding to an email from your referral campaign, they have the option to enter their phone number into a Friendbuy referral widget in order to subscribe to text messages from your brand. 

Friendbuy captures mobile numbers for both the advocate and the referred friend to build your SMS subscriber list. Our integration with Attentive allows you to send these phone numbers to segmented lists that are created in Attentive, so you can send personalized messages to each subscriber. 

How to Grow Your SMS Subscriber List

While you’ve already got the attention of your valuable customers, give them another way to receive product information, offers, and other updates from your brand. Build your SMS subscriber list using these four tips:

1. Include a phone number capture field on your referral widget.

Friendbuy makes it easy to encourage advocates to sign up to receive texts from you. Attentive’s simple, two-click process lowers the barrier to entry and increases conversions.

2. Include a phone number capture field on the friend incentive widget. 

Include an offer for referred friends to encourage them to provide their phone number and email address to redeem a coupon code toward their first purchase.

3. Remind referred Friends to make their first purchase with a coupon code. 

Friendbuy sends the coupon code distributed to referred friends to Attentive, so you can send them a segmented message and remind them to redeem their coupon code via email or SMS.  

How to Get the Most from Your SMS Subscriber List

Once you have the capability to send text messages to customers, what do you do with it? Leverage your list of subscribers by keeping customers engaged and excited about referring their friends using tactics such as:

  • Running a contest or giveaway through SMS
  • Segmenting your SMS audience and personalizing messages
  • Tracking metrics and making adjustments as needed
  • Creating exclusive offers only for SMS subscribers
  • Using A/B testing to refine your campaigns

There’s an added bonus: All of these strategies also help continue to grow your SMS subscriber list. Attentive also collects email addresses so you can grow your email list at the same time.

The forward-thinking marketers of today are leveraging referrals via text to expand their reach for free. At Conversmart, we are committed to helping brands not only convert more customers with text messages but also reach potential customers using referrals. Looking to double your list size? Reach out to us to find how the strategies outlined in this article can work for you.

Grow Your Brand with Friendbuy and Attentive

Friendbuy’s integration with Attentive helps you grow your brand presence by capturing phone numbers of both advocates and friends and adding them to your subscriber list. This allows you to communicate directly with existing customers and referred friends who have recently been introduced to your brand through trusted Advocates. If you’d like to learn more tips about how you can supercharge your referral program, download Referral Marketing: The Essential Guide today.

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