With the rising cost of customer acquisition channels, growth marketers need new channels that consistently deliver results to meet their growth goals. Referral marketing provides the high ROI, low customer acquisition cost, and increased lifetime value that allows growth marketers to build upon their brand’s success. Whether growing an established brand or launching a new one, creating a referral program with Friendbuy can help you scale new customer acquisition.

Friendbuy’s Customers Are E-Commerce Innovators 

Friendbuy works with startups and disruptors as well as Fortune 500 companies to help brands scale efficiently and deepen customer loyalty. Emerging brands like UNTUCKit and Imperfect Foods look to Friendbuy to create referral marketing programs that will spark growth. Established brands like Walmart, Disney, and Intuit use Friendbuy’s referral platform to build loyalty and leverage their existing strong customer relationships. Whether your brand has been around for one year or one century, referral programs with Friendbuy can help you grow. 

Get Started the Right Way

The longer it takes to set up your referral program, the longer you leave money on the table. Friendbuy’s experts get your program live quickly with all of our best practices so you can leverage your existing customer base to generate more sales and build your contact database to reach more potential customers. Friendbuy allows you to get off the ground fast with beautiful templates that can be customized to match your brand.


Provide a Seamless Experience

Friendbuy integrates with your existing tech stack to deliver a seamless experience to both your customers and your internal team.

Front-End Integration

Build referral marketing into your brand experience at every step of the buyer’s journey with branded content that fits seamlessly into your marketing materials. Customers will never feel like they’re interacting with a third-party provider, and referral automation makes it easy for them to collect and use rewards. 

Back-End Integration

Integrating with email service providers, SMS providers, and customer data platforms adds value to both performance and operations and creates a seamless automation process that allows you to grow your subscriber list. This type of integration also creates an opportunity to identify and nurture promoters who give you high NPS scores or great reviews to create loyal brand advocates. Automated reward fulfillment doesn’t place a burden on your internal teams, and you have total campaign flexibility with the option to offer third-party incentives like gift cards without any extra effort or expense.

Support from Referral Experts 

Nothing is more frustrating than investing in new software only to feel left in the lurch after you have committed. Friendbuy’s onboarding team will guide you through the entire setup process, from creative development to technical integration, with a catered, comprehensive white-glove service to get your program live the right way. Our customer success team is comprised of industry experts that will develop a custom roadmap for your referral program and our time-tested best practices save you time spent on trial and error. 

Easy Campaign Management and Optimization

Referral programs with Friendbuy give you the freedom to investigate, create, manage, and experiment with your referral campaigns with just a few clicks. The platform gives you the power to optimize your referral program through A/B testing, segmentation, and targeting. Evaluate the funnel and all of your channels to see where the most conversions are happening. If you find that something isn’t working as well as expected, it’s easy to make changes or run an A/B test to refine your offer or CTA. 

Robust Reporting and Analytics

Monitor your referral program with built-in reporting and analytics. Track the entire funnel so you can see what’s working well and which areas need more attention. Drill down into granular, campaign-level data for in-depth analysis. Identify your top performers and reward them with even better referral incentives.

Grow Your Audience with Friendbuy

Word of mouth is a proven marketing channel. Friendbuy automates it for you so you can do referral marketing at scale. With seamless integration, you can improve the customer experience and make referral marketing a key element of your brand.