Encourage Loyalty Program Participation With Customizable Earning Events!

by Emma Kimmerly

June 22, 2023

Friendbuy’s new Earning Events Widget allows you to showcase the various ways your customers can earn loyalty rewards.  Some examples include, rewarding customers for signing up for emails or texts, completing an onsite quiz or downloading your mobile app.  This widget can be embedded into program landing pages or other areas on your website, such as the User Account page.



Let's dive into the highlights of this exciting new feature:


Earning Events Widget



Increased Earning Event Engagement: The interactive nature of the Earning Events Widget enhances earning event engagement and conversion rates for you. By proactively showcasing various loyalty and earning opportunities, you can effectively market your programs to end-customers.

Easy Configuration and Template Creation: you can easily configure the Earning Events Widget in Friendbuy’s widget editor.  You have the flexibility to create new templates or select from existing ones. The widget's design and layout can be customized according to your brand guidelines and style guide, ensuring a cohesive brand experience.  Also, the widget dynamically pulls in all active earning events, allowing you to include or exclude specific events from the widget. 

Customizable Tile Properties: Each tile within the widget can be individually configured. You can customize properties such as font styles, colors, shapes, CTA buttons, icons, and input fields, allowing them to create visually appealing and on-brand loyalty program widgets. You can also reorder the events through a drag-and-drop interface, reflecting the changes live in the preview.

Real-time Rewards: The Earning Events Widget serves as a loyalty earning events hub for your customers. They can interact with the widget to earn rewards in real-time, providing a seamless and rewarding experience.

Widget Preview and Interaction: You can preview the widget in real-time, simulating both logged-in and logged-out views. The preview screen reflects the changes made during configuration, and you can interact with the widget to test. 

The introduction of the Earning Events Widget provides a powerful tool for you to proactively market various earning opportunities to your customers, driving engagement and conversion. Additionally, your customers now have a centralized hub to earn loyalty rewards in real-time.

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