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Friendbuy just launched a new kind of display setting for referral widgets: Website ribbons. Ribbons are a way to promote referral widgets on your site that replaces the need to install a share button. However, the core user experience is the same: when a user clicks on the ribbon (instead of a share button), a referral widget is displayed.

What’s a website ribbon?

Website ribbons are small notification windows served on the bottom or side of a web page; you’ve seen them a million times before for chat services, etc. When we use them for referral programs, they bring website visitors to your referral widget.


Why use a website ribbon?

Sitewide referral ribbons increase the visibility of your referral program. Higher visibility means more referral program participation (increased sharing) and therefore higher campaign performance (referral visits and conversions).


They’re easy to deploy.

Ribbons are very easy to create and get live. If you’re already using Friendbuy and have our SmartPixel installed, all you have to do is create a new widget and set the Display Settings to use the ribbon.

Because ribbons and referral widgets are served from the Friendbuy SmartPixel, you do not need to install widget codes.


They’re easy to design.

Configure how the ribbon looks:

Referral Ribbon Design


Pro Tip: Targeting

Exclude pages

The best way to drive campaign performance is to run a ribbon wide open, across all pages. However, there may be cases where you want to exclude certain pages.


Serve only to specific pages

You can target specific pages as well. For example, you might create a single widget that you only want served in one place. Maybe this widget has a different referral offer than other referral campaigns. Or maybe you want to isolate a specific page where the widget will use a  different behavior, like your order confirmation page where you want to use Autopop.

You can include and exclude pages using wildcards in the Display Settings configuration.

Referral Page Targeting


Recommended Quick Start

Here’s the fastest way to get live with a referral campaign ribbon:

1. [New users only] Install the SmartPixel and Conversion Tracker

2. Create a new widget and configure the Display Settings

  • Widget Style: Ribbon/URL Targeting
  • Display: Ribbon + Overlay

3. Target it sitewide

  • Show only on these pages
  • (/**)


Referral Program Website Ribbon Examples

We have been working with Casper for years now and they are one of our most successful customers because they've been following our referral program best practices every step of the way. One of the easiest and most powerful ways is by installing a website ribbon for their referral program.

casper website ribbon

Want to know how Casper performed? Check out our case study with all of the details:

How Casper Generates Greater Return With Referral Marketing


Another one of our customers, Spanx, puts their referral website ribbon on the side with an enticing referral reward as the ribbon copy.

spanx website ribbon

To see how Spanx got spectacular results, check out our case study with all of the details:

Learn how SPANX uses Friendbuy to achieve a 15% conversion rate from referred customers.

Contact our team to learn more about how your brand can grow your customer base with a seamless referral program.