Incentivize and Retain Customers with Points Based Member Tiers

by Emma Kimmerly

July 20, 2023

Would you prefer to be called a Member, or a VIP? 

Everyone loves the feeling of belonging to an exclusive group, and progressing and moving up in the world. Your loyalty program members are no different. 

That’s why Friendbuy is excited to announce our new Points Based Member Tiers feature! With Member Tiers, your loyalty program members can embark on a rewarding journey where loyalty and engagement are acknowledged and celebrated. 

This feature is designed to inspire deeper connections with your brand, while providing a seamless experience through the Friendbuy platform.

Why Is This Feature Important?

By categorizing customers into tiers based on their point balance or total points earned throughout the year, you can create a sense of exclusivity and personalized rewards for each tier. This not only encourages repeat purchases and referrals, but also fosters a deeper connection between your brand and your customers.

How This Feature Will Benefit You

Improved Customer Engagement: Member Tiers incentivize customers to earn more points and reach higher tiers to unlock exclusive rewards and benefits, keeping them engaged and coming back for more.

Enhanced Retention: By acknowledging and rewarding customer loyalty, you'll significantly increase customer retention rates and turn occasional buyers into devoted brand advocates.

Tailored Rewards: Customizing rewards based on tier levels allows you to cater to the specific preferences of different customer segments, creating a personalized experience that strengthens customer loyalty.

Streamlined Setup: Setting up Member Tiers is made easy with the Friendbuy platform. Our user-friendly interface enables you to configure tiers quickly, while making it easy to name your tiers in a way that matches your brand and speaks to your audience.



Feature Highlights

Flexible Tier Criteria: Choose between "Current Balance" or "Total Points Earned Within Calendar Year" to determine how customers progress through the tiers.

Customizable Earning Events:
Friendbuy gives you flexibility to set up customizable earning events so you can incentivize customers to take the actions that matter most to your business. For example, you can incentivize customers to move up a tier by subscribing to your email and SMS communications, or by downloading your mobile app. 

Tier Extension Mechanism:
Once a customer achieves a new tier, their tier status is guaranteed for a specific period. You can configure tier extensions based on either the amount of time they’ve been in that tier, or set it to remain valid until the end of the following calendar year.

Easy Configuration:
Easily access the Member Tiers Page on the Friendbuy platform, add new tiers, define tier attributes like tier names and minimum point requirements, and save your configurations with a few clicks.

Customer Lookup and Adjustment:
Get detailed tier information for individual customers and manually adjust their tier status if needed. The tier extension follows the expiration rule you set up, making management hassle-free.

It’s important to regularly review and manage your Member Tiers to ensure it continues to incentivize and engage customers effectively. The Friendbuy team has loyalty marketing experts to help you continuously optimize your loyalty program and retain more customers. 

To get started or to learn more about this exciting feature, contact our growth advisors or your dedicated Customer Success Manager today. Happy rewarding!