Successful customer engagement requires responsiveness and relevance. Referral marketing campaigns are designed to meet customers at the moment of impulse when they decide to accept a referral offer or to share that offer with their friends.

Automation is the only practical way to keep pace with these customer behaviors. That’s why the Friendbuy platform offers an integration with Klaviyo, a customer data and marketing software company that uses data science to deliver powerful, effective, and responsive email, SMS, and in-app marketing to customers captured through our client referral programs.

Klaviyo makes marketing customization easy, which helps your business grow your  subscriber list, increase referral program participation, and convert more customers.

Klaviyo’s Integration Benefits for Friendbuy Customers

Through a simple one-click integration, Friendbuy’s clients can have advocates’ and referred friends’ email addresses captured by their referral program automatically added to their respective Klaviyo email lists. Friendbuy can then send coupon codes that were originally distributed through the client’s referral program to Klaviyo.  

With each email address captured by Friendbuy, coupon codes are distributed to referred friends through the client’s referral program, and the program generates a vanity personal referral link (PURL) for each email address. This turns Klaviyo’s powerful email platform into a seamless extension of your Friendbuy referral program.

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For customers leveraging Klaviyo for automated SMS engagement, Friendbuy also adds phone numbers captured through its referral program into the merchant database managed by Klaviyo.

Here are three ways this integration can boost email subscribers for your brand entering Cyber Weekend.

1. Leverage Social Media to Drive Referral Program Awareness

Your brand can promote your referral program as a top of the funnel (TOFU) tactic on Facebook and Instagram. This is an easy way to attract new prospects through the lure of reward (e.g., a free gift or a discount code) for successful friend referrals. Take a look at how Bulldog Skincare drives awareness of its referral program through Facebook ads:

3 Ways Referral Program Automation Can Increase Email Subscribers Ahead of Cyber Weekend Example 13 Ways Referral Program Automation Can Increase Email Subscribers Ahead of Cyber Weekend Example 2

When consumers opt in to this TOFU strategy, your brand can capture their email addresses and automatically share them with Klaviyo’s platform. This integration takes awareness-level engagement and turns it into a remarketing opportunity that leverages email and SMS. For example, newly referred friends could be targeted through a “Welcome Series” drip campaign run through email or SMS.

Meanwhile, you can continue to drive awareness of this referral program through dedicated refer-a-friend emails and SMS campaigns to your customers.

2. Entice Referred Friends to Convert with a Better Offer

When referred friends click through on a referral link, your referral program can present them with an automated offer that is even sweeter than your new customer offer—all in exchange for entering their email address and/or phone number.

UNTUCKit uses this strategy to deliver a 25 percent off offer for referred friends, surpassing the value of their new customer offer and providing just enough incentive to persuade referrals to stay connected via email:

3 Ways Referral Program Automation Can Increase Email Subscribers Ahead of Cyber Weekend Example 3

The economics of this offer makes sense for both sides. Referred visitors convert 5x faster and have a 2x higher LTV than visitors coming through other channels. These referred friends’ email addresses are then captured and automatically sent to Klaviyo, allowing your business to continue customer engagement through a “Welcome Series” drip campaign or any other relevant touchpoint within your customer journey.

3. Send Reminder Emails to Referred Friends Who Have Not Yet Converted

Klaviyo’s robust segmentation tools make it easy to separate advocates and referred friends into appropriate email lists. These lists are then used to engage those audiences with relevant messaging throughout their customer lifecycle.

When Friendbuy distributes a coupon code to referred friends who have provided their email address, for example, those coupon codes will be automatically sent to Klaviyo and will be included in that user’s profile. Klaviyo can then send reminder emails or SMS messages to referred friends and include the coupon code that Friendbuy previously distributed—assuming they haven’t already redeemed the offer. Outdoor Voices used Friendbuy’s integration with Klaviyo for exactly this purpose:

3 Ways Referral Program Automation Can Increase Email Subscribers Ahead of Cyber Weekend Example 4

Achieve New Efficiencies Through Automation and Integration

Automated engagement allows your referral program to maximize its accessibility and ease of use among referred friends. Supercharge your customer journey by investing in tools that facilitate faster conversions and higher conversion rates among your referrals.

Looking for more tips to build a winning referral marketing program? Check out Referral Marketing: The Essential Guide.

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