8 Easy to Use Online Logo Makers to Design Your Brand

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Your business logo is more than just the icon at the top of your website. It represents your entire brand identity in one visual punch. A fresh, sharp-looking logo not only increases business recognition and builds trust, it sets you apart from your competition.

Marketing to Millennials: Killer Examples and Surefire Tactics

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Marketing to millennials is going to require a fresh perspective because traditional marketing tactics will fall flat. Don’t go fooling yourself, wasting your money in the wrong places or on the wrong tactics. Well… now that I’ve sufficiently sounded the alarm… how do you gain the trust of millennials and bring them to your virtual door? This post will […]

Marketing to Millennials: Here’s Why It Matters

Marketing for Millenials - Featured Image
Attracting millennials to your ecommerce store isn’t a marketing strategy. It’s a survival strategy. Gen Y buying behavior is a compass for where ecommerce is headed. So if you’ve merely been paying lip service to millennials, it’s time to go all in. As Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says, “All businesses need to be young forever. If […]