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Referral & Loyalty Program for All Types of Businesses
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You can now increase customer lifetime value with Friendbuy’s new Loyalty Program Software by rewarding customers for taking actions that are most valuable to your business.

Friendbuy’s new loyalty platform is fully customizable for your business, and is built for high-growth brands that are looking to: 

  • Launch an easy-to-use rewards program that is points-based or non-points based
  • Reward customers for unique earning events such as signing up for SMS marketing, purchasing a specific product, downloading a mobile app and more
  • Enhance customer journeys with personalized dashboards
  • Integrate loyalty seamlessly into their marketing technology stack

Whatever your business needs, our new platform is customizable to help you build strong customer relationships and increase retention. 


"The Friendbuy experience is honest, it’s efficient, and it continues to evolve to meet our needs. With a partner this good, there’s no need to look anywhere else." - Rich Krolikowski | Growth Marketing Manager | Tonal


Loyalty Program Software Features


Unique Earning Events 

Every brand is unique—which is why every brand needs a unique customer loyalty program. 

Here’s a look at just some of the custom events you can set up with Friendbuy. Our team of marketing experts will work with you to define your goals and set your own loyalty program up for success.

Loyalty events


Easy-to-Use Points and Rewards Redemption 

Friendbuy makes redeeming points easy, both inside and outside of your existing checkout flow.


Personalized Member Dashboards 

Create personalized dashboards for your customers to display their:

  • Loyalty points balance
  • Reward activities
  • Loyalty events they’ve completed

87% of consumers are open to brands monitoring details of their activity if it leads to more personalized rewards. That’s why Friendbuy provides templates to get your customer dashboards live fast, while maintaining brand consistency and personalization.



Integrate Loyalty Into Your Customer Journeys 

Friendbuy’s Loyalty Program integrates with leading ecommerce technologies so you can seamlessly incorporate loyalty and rewards into your customer journeys. 

For example, you can integrate Friendbuy and Segment to send custom loyalty event data such as app downloads and in-store purchases to Friendbuy. 

And with Friendbuy and Attentive, Friendbuy sends referral and loyalty events to Attentive, so you can send personalized communications and include referral links and rewards earned, and even reminders to redeem those rewards in text messages.  Also, if Attentive is integrated with your ESP, you can also send these same communications via email.


Bonus, you can grow your Attentive email and SMS subscriber lists through your Friendbuy Referral and Loyalty Programs, as Friendbuy captures emails and phone numbers and adds them to Attentive to create new subscriber profiles.

Customizable Business Rules

Another customization Friendbuy provides for your loyalty program is through configurable business rules. The below example shows how you can use simple statements to define the rules and conditions for triggering rewards to your loyalty members. 

Business rules


Make Data-Driven Loyalty Decisions

Tying your loyalty program to direct revenue can help with organizational buy-in. With Friendbuy, you’ll have 24/7 access to easy-to-read dashboards that show you how your customer loyalty program is performing. 


Why Friendbuy Customer Loyalty Software

For over ten years, Friendbuy has been working with industry disrupting DTC brands and global Fortune 500s to improve customer acquisition through referrals. Our team of marketing experts is now ready to help you take it to the next level with loyalty.

“Friendbuy has been a great partner and an efficient way for us to acquire new and highly qualified customers. Nearly half of the customers we acquire through Friendbuy make a repeat purchase.” - Becky Chambers | Head of Retention | Outdoor Voices

You’ll get more out of every customer with strategic Referral and Loyalty Programs that work together. Gone are the days of lumping referral and loyalty marketing into one bucket. They can (and should) operate together seamlessly, while ensuring you’re optimizing each program for their intended purpose.

Referral programs increase customer acquisition with low CPAs, and loyalty increases customer retention and repeat purchase rates. That’s getting more out of every customer.  

If you're interested in learning more, book a meeting with our team here. If you're a Friendbuy customer, ask your Customer Success Manager for more details or contact