20 Ecommerce Marketing Blogs Everyone Should Be Reading

by Tony Mariotti

September 9, 2015

Ecommerce moves fast. Blink once and your knowledge base and skill set will be outdated. Blink twice and you are irrelevant. OK, I know that's hyperbolic. But I also know you want to stay current with all the latest trends, news, and growth hacks, so check out this mega-list of the best ecommerce marketing blogs.


shopify blog

Shopify has quickly become one of the world's largest ecommerce platforms, with more than 150,000 merchants who have collectively grossed more than $8 billion in online revenue. Their blog is updated several times a week with articles targeted at smaller ecommerce businesses and Internet marketers.

With everything from the basics of ecommerce to the latest tips and hacks, the Shopify blog is a tremendous resource for marketers of all levels.

Our Favorite Post: How We Built an Ecommerce Business from Scratch and Generated $922.16 in Revenue in 3 Days



convert blog

Convert takes a more in-depth and methodical approach to ecommerce by focusing on ways businesses can test, analyze and increase their website conversions. Their blog readers are mostly conversion rate specialists or enterprise level marketers looking to optimize every part of their online business to increase conversions.

A terrific resource for anyone seeking ways to improve the functionality of their website.

Our Favorite Post: 14 Tools to Take Your Take Your Conversion Optimization to The Next Level



econsultancy blog

Econsultancy is the king of statistics. If you ever want to know how many people use a website search bar or view in-depth breakdowns of marketing reports, there's no better place than Econsultancy.

Although most of their content focuses on UK business examples, their audience is global businesses of all sizes who use digital marketing strategies. The place to go for analytical data and current marketing trends.

Our Favorite Post: Introducing the Periodic Table of Content Marketing



hubspot blog

HubSpot is a content machine, boasting anywhere from 6 to 9 new posts every day in three different sections – marketing, sales, and agency. Their blog serves a wide digital marketing audience, from affiliate marketers who are looking to rank on the first page of Google to small to medium enterprises looking to grow their business.

A comprehensive resource of all around marketing advice.

Our Favorite Post: The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics (Okay, not exactly a blog post, but we couldn't talk about HubSpot without linking to their epic list of marketing statistics!)



ecommerce fuel blog

eCommerceFuel is a thoroughly informative blog written by Andrew Youderian, who dispenses valuable knowledge based on his own experiences as an ecommerce entrepreneur, generating more than a million dollars a year with his online stores.

Andrew's blog is an excellent read for aspiring ecommerce marketers and small and local businesses who are looking to get ahead.

Our Favorite Post: The Open-Book Sale of My $600K Store (With Complete Financials)



get elastic blog

GetElastic’s top-ranked ecommerce blog provides insightful best practices, how-to articles, and in-depth analysis on various industry topics. Additionally, you can find the latest news on search engine updates, mobile marketing and shopping, and social media strategy that will give you a leg up on the competition.

This blog has something for marketers of every level of technical expertise.

Our Favorite Post: Understanding Mobile Context: At Home, On the Go and In-store


A Better Lemonade Stand


A Better Lemonade Stand is not only an online ecommerce incubator, it offers a great blog. The site features some fantastic tools, like a product margin calculator, as well as guides on branding and more. The blog, written by ecommerce entrepreneur Richard Lazazzera, provides simple but informative content on ecommerce marketing.

If you’re looking for easy reads that address specific ecommerce questions, this blog delivers.

Our Favorite Post: Instagram Exposed: Advanced Instagram Marketing Tactics to Get a Ton of Followers



bigcommerce blog

Bigcommerce is another ecommerce platform with a strong content marketing arm. Slightly more technical than some of the other blogs on this list, Bigcommerce speaks to a more advanced audience, offering research and analysis of tech and marketing trends like mobile apps, social media advertising, and analytics.

Subscribe to this blog if you want to take your ecommerce business to the next level.

Our Favorite Post: The 6 Must-Have Operational Strategies to Dominate Omnichannel Ecommerce



kissmetrics blog

A popular blog for ecommerce and marketing in general, kissmetrics provides in-depth content that doesn’t leave you wondering how to try a particular tactic. The posts here are known for being long, so be prepared to sit and take notes to eke out all the value.

A must read for the studious marketer, this site will have you tweaking your copy and emails with every read.

Our Favorite Post: 10 Reasons Your Latest CRO Campaign Failed (And What to Do About It)


Help Scout

help scout blog

Help Scout is a go-to online neighborhood for gaining insights, getting recommendations, and learning how to do good business. Blog posts such as tips on how to talk to angry customers, building a newsletter from scratch, and unconventional ways of improving job postings can guide you through the daily trials of online store management.

This is a fantastic blog brimming with useful and even quirky information that you didn't think you needed to know.

Our Favorite Post: 27 Insights for Creating and Sustaining Workplace Happiness



practicalecommerce blog

With fantastic content on conversions, marketing, SEO, and design, PracticalEcommerce is a great addition to your reading list. The stable of writers is impressive; they all have many years of ecommerce, sales, and marketing experience. Some of the content is basic marketing 101, but other posts go more in-depth on relevant ecommerce topics.

Our Favorite Post: SEO: Why Is Metadata Important?


Bootstrapping Ecommerce

bootstrapping blogs

Bootstrapping Ecommerce is a great place to get your ecommerce questions answered. With a tutorial/blog that provides tips, insights, and best practices for opening and running an ecommerce business, plus recommendations of useful tools for researching trends, finding competitor links, and approximating a website's ad budget and traffic, this website is overflowing with tips on how to optimize an online business.

This site is for online store owners or hopefuls who need to know the basics of running a successful business.

Our Favorite Post: Instagram Marketing for Ecommerce: 15 Experts Share Their Tips


Zippy Cart

zippycart blogs

Zippy Cart's blog is a go-to source for all things ecommerce. With a great reviews section detailing the pros and cons of top ecommerce platforms and store builders, as well as articles on marketing your business with social media, this blog is bursting with answers to even the most basic ecommerce questions that nobody wants to ask.

Zippy Cart is for savvy entrepreneurs on every step of the online business ladder who need answers to the biggest (and smallest) questions.

Our Favorite Post: 3 Specific SEO Strategies That Lead to Success


Drew Sanocki


Drew Sanocki is an ecommerce mastermind with a blog that provides users with the information and experience he’s gleaned from running his own business. His posts keep readers informed with interesting ecommerce discoveries and insider information for optimizing AdWords and SEO. The site also hosts an ecommerce community that includes group sessions, workshops, coaching calls, and video training to grow your business faster.

Our Favorite Post: Seven Essential Metrics for Ecommerce Startups (with Templates)


The Sparkline

sparkline blogs

The Sparkline is an engaging and humorous information tank from video training hub Fizzle that incorporates a variety of media to help creative entrepreneurs and businesses navigate the waters of the ecommerce world. With articles, podcasts, videos, evaluations, and user-friendly templates, this blog provides insight on best marketing practices, creating simple business plans, and reasons why you should not become an entrepreneur. The Sparkline team also provides online business coaching to help you jumpstart your business.

A great resource written in the language of millennials, which makes it perfect for the younger entrepreneurial crowd eager to launch, but not sure where to start.

Our Favorite Post: 3 New Tricks for More Productivity & Focus


Social Triggers

social triggers blog
Social Triggers
is a funny and highly informative business blog written by expert marketer and entrepreneur Derek Halpern. While Derek only posts twice a month, each article is packed with amazing insights, are straight to the point and often include highly informative videos. Social Triggers primarily helps businesses get better at running their business.

Derek’s blog attracts everyone from newbie marketers to Fortune 500 companies. If you don't have enough time in the day to read 1,000+ word blog posts, Derek's short videos are packed with indispensable content that can be consumed in less than a few minutes.

Our Favorite Post: So I got a $310 haircut. I learned 3 SURPRISING things about raising your prices. You'll love #2.


60 Second Marketer

60 second marketer blog

60 Second Marketer begins each blog with visual snapshots detailing the key points of the article, what you will learn, how long it will take to read, and the target audience who would benefit from it. This snapshot format makes for a quick-to-scan blog experience that funnels readers to useful marketing tips. In addition to the engaging visual content that masterfully displays stats, the information that can be gleaned from this blog is stellar.
This blog is for marketers who don't have time to read through countless blogs and articles in hopes finding of a useful tidbit.

Our Favorite Post: 5 Digital Marketing Rules Every Small Business Needs to Know


Alltop Ecommerce

alltop ecommerce blog

More of a content aggregator than a blog, Alltop’s ecommerce page is for the voracious reader who can’t get enough of the latest news and tips. This content syndicator pulls from a variety of quality ecommerce sites, covering the gamut of email marketing to global trends.

If you need to bone up quickly on a slew of ecommerce-related topics, this is the site for you.


Marketing Tech Blog

marketing tech blog

The Marketing Tech Blog covers a wide range of digital marketing topics, from analytics to Wordpress. Their ecommerce section features a good balance of research and information, analytical posts on current trends, and detailed posts for marketers who want to improve their ecommerce site’s ROI. Use the site’s search function to help sort through their wealth of content to find what you need.

Our Favorite Post: Top Ten Trends for Back-To-School Shopping in 2015


Decoded: Contemporary Commerce

decoded contemporary commerce blogs

Decoded: Contemporary Commerce is a marketing blog produced by Salsify, a product content management solution. Articles aren’t posted frequently – monthly at best – but worth a read for their unique insight on product supply chain topics. Great for ecommerce marketers who want to get down to brass tacks when it comes to product pages and merchandising.

Our Favorite Post: Are You Shop-Blocking Your Customers?

Have we missed any ecommerce marketing blogs worth reading?
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