The call-to-action (CTA) button design can be a boon to your social sharing campaigns and customer referral program.  Your social lead-generation funnel begins with the button. The initial engagement rate is the absolute genesis of all the metrics that follow.  

Here is a short list of what good button design can accomplish:

  • Increases engagement rates
  • Keeps your social plugins 'brand consistent' on your web site or within email communications
  • Provides visitors with a richer sharing experience

We scoured the web and our own customer's designs to showcase some good examples that will help you get your creative juices flowing.  Here are 14 you'll want to check out:

1) Altitude Summit - cool blue and brought together in a continuous fade

Social Icons

Designer: AltitudeSummit


2) Blank Label - suave, sophisticated and metropolitan lifestyle imagery

Blank Label CTA

Site: Blank Label


3) Jenny Bean - glassy, three-dimensional and modern


Designer: @JenBean


4) CellarThief - folksy imagery for wine with 'notes' of cherry


Site: CellarThief


5) Chase Farnum - cursive script and drop shadow bliss

Share text

Designer: Chase Farnum


6) Coastal Contacts (homepage banner) - promotional sharing you can't miss

Coastal Contacts Share

Site: Coastal Contacts


7) Converse - dark, leathery texture give the icons some love


Site: Converse


8) Dog Vacay (email banner) - help spread the woof!

Dog Vacay

Site: Dog Vacay


9) Prismatic - round, bold and confident


Site: Prismatic


10) MeUndies (homepage banner) - sultry imagery grabs they eye


Site: MeUndies


11) Naturebox (homepage/email banner) - suddenly we're in the mood for some snacks


Site: NatureBox


12) Ruben Feurer - striking, simple and resolute

Ruben Feurer
Designer: Ruben Feurer


13) Sacha Grief - flinty cool and solid as rock

Sacha Grief

Designer: Sacha Grief


14) Vanessa Torrivilla - the blue contrast glows with social charisma

Vanessa Torrivilla

Designer: Vanessa Torrivilla

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