The call-to-action (CTA) button design can be a boon to your social sharing campaigns and customer referral program.  Your social lead-generation funnel begins with the button. The initial engagement rate is the absolute genesis of all the metrics that follow.  

Here is a short list of what good button design can accomplish:

  • Increases engagement rates
  • Keeps your social plugins 'brand consistent' on your web site or within email communications
  • Provides visitors with a richer sharing experience

Learn how to write a call-to-action.

We scoured the web and our own customer's designs to showcase some good examples that will help you get your creative juices flowing.  Here are 14 you'll want to check out:

1) Altitude Summit - cool blue and brought together in a continuous fade

Social Icons

Designer: AltitudeSummit


2) Blank Label - suave, sophisticated and metropolitan lifestyle imagery

Blank Label CTA

Site: Blank Label


3) Jenny Bean - glassy, three-dimensional and modern


Designer: @JenBean


4) CellarThief - folksy imagery for wine with 'notes' of cherry


Site: CellarThief


5) Chase Farnum - cursive script and drop shadow bliss

Share text

Designer: Chase Farnum


6) Coastal Contacts (homepage banner) - promotional sharing you can't miss

Coastal Contacts Share

Site: Coastal Contacts


7) Converse - dark, leathery texture give the icons some love


Site: Converse


8) Dog Vacay (email banner) - help spread the woof!

Dog Vacay

Site: Dog Vacay


9) Prismatic - round, bold and confident


Site: Prismatic


10) MeUndies (homepage banner) - sultry imagery grabs they eye


Site: MeUndies


11) Naturebox (homepage/email banner) - suddenly we're in the mood for some snacks


Site: NatureBox


12) Ruben Feurer - striking, simple and resolute

Ruben Feurer
Designer: Ruben Feurer


13) Sacha Grief - flinty cool and solid as rock

Sacha Grief

Designer: Sacha Grief


14) Vanessa Torrivilla - the blue contrast glows with social charisma

Vanessa Torrivilla

Designer: Vanessa Torrivilla

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