This is Friendbuy’s Sub-processor page where we maintain a list of third-party service providers authorized to process our Merchants’ End User data in conjunction with Friendbuy’s Services. This page is intended for our Merchant partners. Please see Friendbuy’s Privacy Policy for more information and definitions of capitalized terms not defined on this page.

To support Friendbuy in delivering its Services to Merchants, Friendbuy may engage the service providers listed below to perform data processing activities on our behalf. When we work with these service providers in our capacity as a data processor to Merchants, the third-party service provider is a sub-processor of Friendbuy (“Sub-processor”).

Friendbuy has data processing agreements in place with each Sub-processor to ensure certain protections for End Users’ personal data that we provide to the Sub-processors.

Sub-Processor Service Description Corporate Location
Amazon Web Services Data hosting United States
SendGrid Email Service Provider United States
MailChimp Email Service Provider United States
Mailgun Email Service Provider United States
Retention Science Email Service Provider United States
Google LLC Analytics and communications United States
Slack Technologies Communications United States
Intercom Merchant support United States
Atlassian Merchant support Australia / United States
Cloudsponge Address book import United States
Segment* Data platform integration United States
Stripe* Subscription billing integration United States
Chargebee* Subscription billing integration United States
*These services can be optionally enabled directly by Friendbuy Merchants within the Friendbuy product.

In order to provide the best service to our customers, we may periodically consolidate, switch, add, or deprecate Sub-processors. In the event of such a change, Friendbuy will revise this page to reflect the additions and removals of our Sub-processors and update the date above. Please review this page often to check for updates.