Challenge: Build a brand-new subscriber base.

Nuuly generated a lot of buzz leading up to its launch. But the marketing team at Nuuly knew that to achieve sustainable success, it would need to continue acquiring new customers, as cost-effectively as possible, month after month. Nuuly needed a user-friendly and brand consistent referral program.

“Subscription-based business models need referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. We knew we needed it, but there was no one at Nuuly that had ever worked on a referral program.” —Rachel Smith, CRM & Analytics Manager, Nuuly

The marketing team was nervous about hiring a third party to help; the last thing they wanted was to add extra steps that might complicate their service for potential customers. Friendbuy put those concerns to rest.

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Nuuly is a clothing rental subscription service from the people behind Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People. Members get to choose from a wide variety of dresses, denim, separates, and even vintage pieces, and rent six styles each and every month—all for only $88/month.

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Solution: An efficient and intuitive referral platform.

Friendbuy’s onboarding team helped Nuuly get a referral program up and running quickly. Friendbuy’s customizable referral templates laid the groundwork for Nuuly’s baseline “give $10, get $10” referral program. 

“We went all-in and integrated customer lifecycle touchpoints. We made it super easy for our customers to refer a friend at relevant times. That’s been so successful in terms of new subscriber acquisition.”

With Friendbuy, reward fulfillment is automatic, so Nuuly’s team can be almost entirely hands-off after the campaign is live. Friendbuy also includes configurable fraud checks, so it’s easy to block bad actors from receiving rewards through the program.

When the team wants to measure campaign success, built-in performance metrics make it easy. Friendbuy’s built-in A/B testing also makes it easy to experiment and get creative with every part of the referral funnel.

Results: Thousands of referred subscribers within weeks of launch.

Since Nuuly’s launch, its referral program has taken off in a big way. Nuuly’s top 10 brand advocates regularly share referral links on social channels like YouTube and Instagram, and those referrals alone have ushered in over 2,500 new subscribers. Some people have each referred over 500 new subscribers. 

Like many other retailers grappling with COVID-19, Nuuly is now scaling back its spend on paid media and other paid channels. Now more than ever, the referral program powered by Friendbuy is pivotal to Nuuly’s continued organic growth. 

“Out of all our organic channels, referrals drive the most growth—so Friendbuy has been really important. We rely heavily on the platform and referrals to scale our organic mix.”

“We feel confident working with the Friendbuy platform. Our top ten advocates generated over 2,500 new subscribers by sharing referral links in just a few weeks.”

Rachel Smith

CRM & Analytics Manager, Nuuly

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