A Killer Referral Page is a Key Asset to Your Refer a Friend Program. Here’s Why.

by Tony Mariotti

September 14, 2015

If you have a referral program but haven't set up set up a standalone referral page yet, that's a damn shame. Why? Because they do some very heavy lifting for you and contribute massively to customer acquisition. BTW, referral pages are very easy to create and promote so there's really no excuse.

So, Why Have a Referral Page?

Because it's a destination (web page) that you can promote to your entire email list and social followers. What that means is that you can take advantage of your entire digital footprint (reach), not just your site traffic. Promotion is really one of the biggest weapons in your marketing arsenal.

I like to contrast things so let's look at what would happen if one were to take the opposite approach; i.e. not setting up a referral page and promoting it. Let's say you only placed a one referral widget on your purchase confirmation page.  Well, if you're a "normal" e-commerce store with a 3 to 5% conversion rate, that means hardly any of your site visitors will have an opportunity to refer friends. Only a small fraction of visitors are going to hit your ordering confirmation page. So...I think you'll agree that's not very compelling. I also like bulleted lists. So here's quick wrap up of what I just said. ;-)

  • Only 3% of site visitors will have a chance to refer friends
  • Zero percent of your social followers know the can refer a friend
  • Zero percent of the people in your email list will know they can refer friends

Standalone referral pages are easy to setup. They can be made available to on-site traffic and off-site followers. So why not?

I Can Make One in 5 Minutes. Beat My Time and I'll Buy You a Beer.

With Friendbuy, standalone referral pages take very little time and effort to create. All that is required is the following:

  1. Create a page on your site like
  2. Pick a referral template and edit the widget your Friendbuy account
  3. Configure the widget settings to "embed"
  4. Paste the corresponding widget snippet into the unique page you just created. You'll probably want to center the widget, too. Just so it's pretty and all.

That was easy, huh? Now comes the fun part.

Promote It!

One you have a referral widget "hanging on a unique URL" as I like to say, you're ready to crank up the volume.

  • Promote it with a dedicated email blast
  • Link to it within transactional emails like order confirmation and shipping notifications.
  • Link to it within newsletters, make it a part of any and all email templates, a banner that clicks-thru to the page URL will do just fine.
  • Place a navigation link in your site header and footer that directs site traffic to it.
  • Schedule follow up email blasts.
  • Schedule frequent social posts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to your followers to remind them of your program.

Here's a great tweet that Vinyl Me, Please shared that directs followers to their referral page:


Need Inspiration? Here Are Some Referral Page Examples.

Good referral pages have a few things in common. They:

  1. Look good
  2. Have a clear call to action
  3. Provide a great UX
  4. Never force a user to login or register before sharing

The good news here is that #1 and #3 above are taken care of by using Friendbuy's widget templates. The call to action (#2 above) is in your hands. If you need help on CTAs, check out our blog post on evaluating calls to action.

Try The World

  • Referral Template: Sunset
  • Referral Incentive: $15 store credit for referrer / $15 off for friend

try the world referral page

Spartan Race

  • Referral Template: Fairfax Landing Page (custom)
  • Referral Incentive: Free race for referrer

spartan refer page


  • Referral Template: Fairfax Landing Page
  • Referral Incentive: $20  in store credit for referrer / $20 off for friend

referral page design

Branch Basics

  • Referral Template: Fairfax Landing Page
  • Referral Incentive: $10 for referrer / 25% off for friend

refer a friend page


  • Referral Template: Fairfax Embed
  • Referral Incentive: Free month for referrer / Free month for friend

bloom refer a friend


  • Referral Template: Fairfax Embed
  • Referral Incentive: $20 off next order / Free gift for friend
    bellabox referral page


  • Referral Template: Rodeo (custom)
  • Referral Incentive: $20 in store credit for referrer / 20% off for friend

meundies invite a friend page

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