Challenge: Implement a referral program to drive sales.

Marketed as the “Peloton for weight training,” Tonal muscled its way into the home fitness scene in late 2018 and took the U.S. by storm. Growth Marketing Manager Rich Krolikowski realized that referrals were necessary to drive sales year-round, and that many of Tonal’s customers expected a referral program. 

But achieving a top-notch execution was a challenge. Rich had onboarded referral solutions in the past, and he’d seen how a poor referral implementation could frustrate users. Furthermore, his scrappy marketing team was singularly focused on their existing initiatives to grow the young business; developing an in-house referral system was simply out of scope.

“When I measured out the time and effort required to build a referral solution in-house, I realized that nothing we could build within our target time frame would come close to what we wanted. Choosing Friendbuy became an easy decision after that.” — Rich Krolikowski, Growth Marketing Manager, Tonal 

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Tonal is the world’s most intelligent home gym and personal trainer. The all-in-one-machine and patented digital weight system makes it possible to achieve full-body fitness from the comfort of your home, while eliminating the need for rows of dumbbells and the hassle of changing machines.

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Solution: Develop a scalable referral program that doesn’t sacrifice customizability.

Friendbuy worked closely with the Tonal team to create a unique referral implementation to meet their needs. Customers who refer a friend earn $50 to spend in the Tonal Gear Shop, and the referred friend gets $100 off of Tonal. 

Friendbuy’s flexible platform and APIs make it easy for Tonal’s team to manage their referral program without sacrificing customizability as the brand scales. Whenever Tonal wants to change its referral offer, all it takes is a few clicks.

To date, approximately 10 percent of Tonal’s customers have used the referral program, and this number continues to grow.

“The dashboard is awesome, support has been stellar, and their APIs make the experience customizable and flexible. We launched it through the app and quickly had transparency around successful referrals. It’s a no-brainer.”

Results: Referrals drive 4-7% of total revenue.

Tonal’s Friendbuy-powered referral program currently has a 500 percent higher conversion rate compared to other channels, driving up to 7 percent of monthly revenue—and that number is still growing every month. This translates to millions of dollars in referral sales over the course of a year.

While many businesses are struggling to market products during these uncertain times, Tonal is turning happy customers into brand advocates to bring in a steady stream of new people who are primed and ready to buy.

“Our customers wanted a referral program. Given our price point and category, it’s not surprising that conversion rates in most channels trend lower, but the Friendbuy conversion rate is impressively high.”

“The Friendbuy experience is honest, it’s efficient, and it continues to evolve to meet our needs. With a partner this good, there’s no need to look anywhere else.”

Rich Krolikowski

Growth Marketing Manager, Tonal

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