Referral tracking, analytics and concurrent A/B testing

  • A/B testing increases referral program performance

    Increase your referrals and visitor conversion rates with robust A/B testing and conversion tracking. Clearly understand what drives performance.

  • Track channel performance

    See your viral footprint. Know exactly where your campaigns are trending for each social network, emails and PURLs in simple, understandable reports.

  • Track sharing and referral revenue

    View performance metrics for every stage of your sales funnel, from engagement and sharing through referral conversion rates. You'll immediately know where to start tweaking your next A/B test.

  • Gather valuable social data

    Get psychographic (likes and interests) information about your customers to help you you build targeted Facebook ads. Get age, gender and location data, too. Even birthdays for re-marketing efforts.

  • Identify top influencers

    Find your top brand ambassadors who generate the most referrals. See their follower and friend counts and re-market to those with the most potential reach.

  • Use any offer or incentive

    Run single-sided or double-sided incentives. Offer store credit, coupons, reward points, premiums or any reward that fits your style.