Rock Your Post-Conversion Social Sharing

by Friendbuy

July 31, 2012

As a marketer, you’ve paid good money for a new customer one way or another, via PPC or earned media.   It’s time to start generating even more value out of that conversion you worked so hard to get, whether it took place from a shopping cart or a landing page. Your new customer’s made an emotional connection to your brand.  Doesn’t it feel good when your copywriting, design expertise and creativity all pays off?

Variable 1: How your customer, the referrer, talks about you

She’s chomping at the bit to tell everyone about your company in her own words.  She wants to show you off.  NOW is a magic opportunity for her to SHARE her amazing new discovery: your company.

Give her a way to talk about your company and, more importantly, publish it to the social media universe.   You’ll be amazed by what she has to say, some selling on your behalf.

And the accompanying information, or newsfeed story, that you control is going to contribute to the other half of the referral optimization formula.  Here’s the second half of the formula:


Variable 2: How you talk about your company

How to talk about your company


First things first.  You’ll want to get as many customers to share as possible, so try variations of your call to action in the Header (1).  This will affect your sharing rate.  It all begins here.

Through Friendbuy’s analytics and reporting, you will be able to track the performance of each channel (2).   You might find that Twitter outperforms Facebook or that email rules the day; every Friendbuy partner has a different social footprint.

As stated above, customers will gush about your company in their own words (3).

The image and accompanying company information – the published social story – is customized by you (4).  This is where you say what you want to say about your company. This will have an effect on referral traffic (more below).  Testing variations is easy, you can make quick changes at any time to three principle elements, the Preview Image, Preview Description and Preview Title elements from your Friendbuy account.

HOT TIP: Use Friendbuy’s autopop feature (displays the share widget immediately) because it’s the best to get a user’s attention before they leave your landing page.  And that’s a data-driven recommendation based on hundreds of campaign stats, not an opinion.


Social referral optimization - the newsfeed story

newsfeed story


Here is how a shared story looks in the Facebook newsfeed.  How your customers talk about you (5) is accompanied by how you talk about your company (6) as well as the ability to earn more viral attention through likes and comments from your customer’s friends (7).   All the comments and conversation threads are viewable in the Friendbuy reporting tools.  All referrals that lead to a conversion are also tracked. You can read about a simple A/B test that doubled referral traffic and referral conversions from the newsfeed.

HOT TIP: Test your call to action, image and shared content (6) to find out what drives the most referral traffic back to your landing page. This is referred to as ‘newsfeed optimization.’

But wait, there’s more! 


Social Share


After a customer publishes a share from your post conversion page, they see a thank you area in the share widget flow.  You can customize the thank you message (8) and present customers with a "Like" button to follow your company on Facebook and a "Follow" button for Twitter (9).

This is the essence of post conversion optimization. Ready to give it a whirl? Sign up for your free trial today.

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