New Feature: Reward Emails and Referral Automation

Friendbuy has launched an easy way to set up automated reward notification emails.

We’re talkin’ real referral automation here…

  • No more waiting on a developer to configure webhooks to implement reward automation.
  • Upload coupon codes and reward emails will draw from this bank of codes.
  • You can even edit the HTML to customize the message.

referral reward email example

When the referrer receives their reward, they can then redeem the coupon.

Setting up and and configuring reward notifications is super easy.

Read the Help Desk article


Login and create a reward email

Tony Mariotti

Tony Mariotti is COO at Friendbuy, the marketing platform that makes it really easy to launch a customer referral program. A/B test and optimize your refer-a-friend campaigns without developer headaches. You can follow him on Twitter.

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