Refer a Friend Program A/B Testing

by Friendbuy

August 2, 2012

Friendbuy launches A/B testing tool for refer a friend programs to help drive up customer referrals and acquisition. Now it’s easier than ever to set up split testing for social sharing and customer referral campaigns.  Test a share button or share widget with Friendbuy's concurrent A/B testing tool.  You can quickly compare variations of your 'calls to action,' copy, offers or images. Make changes on the fly from your Friendbuy account. No developer resources required!

At Friendbuy, we've been eating our own dog food, so to speak - testing our homepage campaign share button and share widget.  (We can't wait to test emails and post sign up sharing.)

As with all testing and optimization, the best place to start is the beginning of the funnel. First, we compared the performance of our homepage share button variants.  When we found a winning button, we followed that by tweaking our share widget copy to further improve performance.

It should come as no surprise to experienced marketers that focusing on the funnel from front to back is the best approach.  Optimizing a sharing campaign is like any other channel (AdWords, Email, etc.)

We hope you have as much fun with testing as we do.

Give Friendbuy's new A/B testing tool a whirl today!

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