93 Free Credit Card Icons & Online Payment Icons

by Tony Mariotti

August 13, 2015

Sick and tired of crummy-looking credit card icons littering your store front and shopping cart? There's an app for that. Er, well a download for that...

If you're looking for a visual upgrade, check out this master set of official credit card and payment icons.

We researched, compiled and created an official icon set. What's more, you get three different sizes, including light and dark versions (where possible - unfortunately some official icons only come in one flavor).


payment icons Old, ugly icons do not convey trust


Let's keep it real. Not only do you want cleanly designed icons because they look good, there are a few really important reasons why you might want to swap these new ones out for your old ones.

Credit cards have become the preferred method for consumers to pay for purchases. Without their wide use, ecommerce really wouldn't exist. Let's face it, credit cards reduce friction for both customers and merchants. (Anyone remember the time when credit card transactions involved carbon paper receipts and authorization phone calls at the time of purchase? Boy, have we come a long way...)

Alternative payment solutions like Apple Pay, Bitcoin, and PayPal have also helped increase the total number of online customers around the world.

Displaying card and payment icons on your site accomplishes two major tasks:

  • Reduces abandonment - site visitors will recognize the payment method of their choice so that they know their time spent shopping on your site is not wasted
  • Establishes trust

P.S. Did I mention that we're giving this well-researched icon set away for free?

Click to download a .zip of individual credit card icons and online payment icons

Credit Card Icons

Did we miss any?  Please let us know in the comments!