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Your business logo is more than just the icon at the top of your website. It represents your entire brand identity in one visual punch. A fresh, sharp-looking logo not only increases business recognition and builds trust, it sets you apart from your competition.

Company logos can evolve  (and often do) as businesses grow or try to keep up with the times. Below is a quick look at some changes made by a few of the world’s biggest brands to more accurately reflect their business as they solidified themselves into the cultural milieu.


When was the last time you looked at what your logo says about your business? If your logo lacks clarity or pizzazz, consider turning to one of these online logo makers to make your brand stand out from the competition.

Tailor Brands


Tailor Brands offers a top-notch interface and slick fonts for designing an icon, name, or initial-based logo.  Edit the designs generated on your preferences, save your favorites for later, and preview how your logo will look on everything from business cards and Facebook covers to t-shirts and tote bags.

Price: $24 to download high-res logo; up to $89 for additional branding options


  • “This or That” tool translates your style preferences into a finished design
  • Focused on helping you create an overall branding package
  • Library of business logo designs for your reference

Sample Logos:


Conclusion:  Tailor Brands has the sharpest interface on this list, plus an impressive algorithm that churns out relevant designs like magic.  If only their editing capabilities were more than basic.

Graphic Springs


In less time than it takes to go to the water cooler, you can create a simple logo for your brand on Graphic Springs using their simple step-by-step process and web-based editor. Narrow your image search by industry and add shapes or clip art to finalize your design.

Price: $39.99 to download your completed logo


  • Choose from an ever-growing selection of original designs and fonts to create and personalize your logo
  • Custom logo design services available at an affordable price for the non-DIY crowd
  • Unlimited downloads of your files in PNG, SVG, or JPG formats

Sample Logos:

graphic-springs-samples-online-logo-makerConclusion: Graphic Springs is a user-friendly website with a clean interface and some great features. We especially love the low-priced option of working with an actual professional to create a custom design. It’s a win-win for both creative DIY people and the analytical ones among us.



After selecting your business type, Logaster’s logo creation wizard generates designs that fit your business. Download one of their ready-to-use logos or edit the concept by moving text and design elements around to several pre-set locations.

Price: Download a low-resolution logo for free; higher resolution logos are $9.99 and up


  • Modular setup guides you step-by-step from identifying your business type to saving your logo
  • Additional envelope, business card, and letterhead design options
  • Purchase individual design options (logo, business card, etc) or a BrandKit which includes Logo, Business cards, Envelope design and Letterhead/Faxcover design

Sample Logos:

logaster-samples-online-logo-makerConclusion: Logaster is a good basic site, though it definitely lacks some of the editing capabilities of the other online logo makers on this list. The rudimentary editing options get the job done, but aren’t very exciting for extreme DIY-ers.



LogoBreeze is a free logo maker allows you to choose from a large selection of vector images to edit. You can also import your own images and designs to create or improve upon your current logo.

Price: Free


  • Familiar and intuitive editing program
  • More than 200 vector images
  • Offers premium image packs for a small cost

Sample Logos:


Conclusion: If you like nuts and bolts design environments like Microsoft Paint, then LogoBreeze is for you. Customize any number of pre-loaded images, or add spark to your own.



Logoshi might take you back to the early Etch-A-Sketch days, because not only is this sketch-a-logo idea inventive, it’s also loads of fun! You might just find yourself lingering on this site to see what your next (ahem) “artistic” sketch could become. Rework your design until it shines and download your completed logo within a few minutes.

Price: $19 to download high-resolution logo


  • Sketch your vision for Logoshi to translate into a useable logo
  • Generate alternative designs based on your original drawing
  • Click through a number of fonts until you achieve your brand’s look

Sample Logos:

logoshi-samples-online-logo-makerConclusion: Logoshi’s single-page design keeps things simple and straightforward, though this is probably better for exploration and brainstorming than creating a completed design. But who knows, maybe serendipity will occur for you! It would be nice to see a list of the fonts rather than having to click through each one, especially if you decide to select a previous one.



Start the process at Logo TypeMaker by adding your business name, then perusing through a large selection of auto-generated designs to build upon and modify with top-notch customization options.

Price: Free logos require attribution; Premium logos at $24.99 offer more design options and can be used without attribution


  • Customize by adding images from their clip art library
  • Logo designs allow trademark symbols to be added
  • Add a variety of special effects like drop shadows, reflection or gradient

Sample Logos:


Conclusion: Logo TypeMaker offers a huge variety of options to customize your logo to optimize your business and brand image. We love the look and feel of the website, plus the many options and customizing features available.



In a simple 3-step process, Withoomph (pronounced exactly the way it’s spelled) has a user-friendly, clutter-free website. After being prompted to enter your business name and keywords, the site generates a variety of choices for a simple logo design. Users can modify colors from a large selection of color swatches, and edit fonts, case, and spacing.

Price: $30 and up


  • Choose from a large selection of basic logo designs
  • Preview your logo on a selection of relevant products to get a feel for how it will look on t-shirts, business cards, etc.
  • Site translation to a variety of languages, including French, Russian, German, and Spanish

Sample Logos:

withoomph-samples-online-logo-makerConclusion: Withoomph is a fast, friendly, and frill-free online logo maker that is easy on the eyes and your wallet.



CoolText is a font-focused online logo maker that lets you create full-color logos in their web-based editor. Customize the size, color and gradient of your text logo and see changes reflected instantly.

Price: Free


  • 1,928 font options to download or use with their online generator
  • Browse fonts by style or typographic category
  • Edit shadows or gradients and define the parameters of each

Sample Logos:

cooltext-samples-online-logo-makerConclusion: CoolText is as basic as it gets, though quite versatile in its area of specialization. And sometimes a good text logo is all you need.


Rather Have Someone Else Do It?

You always have the option to skip the seven DIY online logo makers above. If you’d rather just pay a nominal fee to have someone else do it, you can always go with a design contest.



99designs connects anyone looking for design work with thousands of designers. Users fill out a creative brief, select a design package from Bronze (lean) up through Platinum (Supreme!), then launch a design contest in which creative professionals around the world submit designs to vie for your approval.

Once you select the winning logo, you receive the design files and the accompanying copyright while the designer is compensated.

Price: Logo design contests start at $299


  • Review multiple design submissions and choose the one you like best
  • Provide feedback to designers during the contest and receive revised submissions
  • Discover designers you’d love to work with long-term

Sample Logos:99designs-samples-online-logo-maker

Conclusion: 99designs is really appealing for entrepreneurs who want higher-end designs. They offer specialized, professional design based on your business’s needs blended with a DIY platform. Pricier than the other online logo makers reviewed in this blog, but worth it.

Did we miss any fabulous online logo makers?  Let us know in the comments below!

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