August 28, 2012 | Posted By: Colleen Cassidy

Custom share widgets match your brand, look fantastic and improve customer referral performance.

We covered the all-important share buttons in our last blog post, which are responsible for your initial engagement rate. The next step in the lead-generation funnel is to make sure your customers and visitors are presented with a strong call to action and branded sharing experience – sending their message along with your message to social networks.

Good share widget design will:

  • Increase sharing rates
  • Boost referral traffic
  • Look amazing – matching your brand’s look and feel
  • Provide your social advocates (sharers) with a richer sharing experience

Here are some great-looking, custom share widgets to inspire you:

1) Birchbox – post purchase sharing that matches the brand’s look and feel


Site: Birchbox

2) Bloomberg Businessweek – sturdy and confident just like Steve Jobs

Bloomberg Businessweek

Site: Bloomberg Businessweek

3) CB2 – clean, modern and crisp


Site: CB2

4) Coastal Contacts – get the word out to your Aussie friends!


Site: Clearly Contacts / Coastal Contacts

5) Denim Therapy – an image that says exactly what Denim Therapy does

Denim Therapy

Site: Denim Therapy

6) LegalZoom – remind your friends they need to take care of business


Site: LegalZoom

7) MeUndies – a referral incentive if we ever saw one!


Site: MeUndies

8) MooseJaw – cheeky copy, a sunny day with a chance of backpacking


Site: MooseJaw

9) NatureBox – share the health…it’s definitely good for your karma


Site: NatureBox

10) Plum District – spreading the word about daily deals for moms


Site: Plum District

11) Warby Parker – let folks know they can get an affordable new style


Warby Parker

Site: Warby Parker

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