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6 Myths About Referral Programs Debunked (#3 is the Worst)

Let’s clear the air about referral programs and some commonly held (mis)beliefs.  Yeah, we know you have a lot of choices for attracting new customers – print, display, PPC, SEM, retargeting, etc. Heck, if you’re lucky enough to have $4 million lying around, you can run a 30-second broadcast spot during the Super Bowl. But how much growth … Continued

12 Types of Referral Incentives

Looking to brainstorm and ‘strategize’ a bit? Well, we’ve got a pretty comprehensive list of referral reward ideas below. If you’ve already thought through and selected your incentive structure, it’s now time to peruse the types of referral incentives you can put to work.

Referral Marketing Programs Work: Here’s Why

Planning your refer a friend program is fun. Why? Because it’s where your personal creativity and business objectives meet.  You get to ask a lot of ‘what if’ questions and intuit the outcome.  Who doesn’t like speculating about the future? If you already know what you want to do to get started – that’s fantastic. … Continued

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Customer Referral Programs Boost Customer Acquisition

Do you want a referral program to drive customer acquisition? Maybe you’ve seen the wild success of Groupon or Fab and want to replicate that kind of viral success. It’s really just a matter of encouraging your current, happy customers to tell their friends about your company and then convert their friends into new customers. … Continued

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