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Referral Email Templates Best Practices

Which Kind of Referral Email Template is Best?

We live in the age of social networks, so you might expect me to expound at length about how critical Facebook and Twitter are to making a referral marketing campaign successful. Well, here’s something you don’t hear every day – Email is by far the most important referral channel. So let’s not waste time. Here’s what you need to know — There are two main types of referral emails that you’ll need to wrap your head around, each one equally deserving of your attention. By the end of this blog post, you’ll be handling them both with élan and confidence. I promise. Continue reading

11 Email Blast Examples That Rock. You’ll Get More Referrals Immediately Using Your Email List.

Standalone email blasts are one of the best ways to promote your referral program and generate more referral revenue immediately. Your email list represents a big batch of folks who are the most likely to refer their friends to your business. And because they’re all in one place, they’re the easiest to reach. Help them help you by sending tightly focused and regularly scheduled solo email blast to remind them of how, where and why they should refer. Continue reading

You Thought Ecommerce Email Marketing Was All About Cart Retrieval. Here Are 13 More Tactics to Grow Your Shop Today.

Here’s the fact: there’s a lot more to ecommerce email marketing than cart retrieval emails and winback campaigns. Sure, winback and cart retrieval are great tactics. Studies have shown that half of those who abandon their carts will return to buy within the first 24 hours of leaving your site. A triggered email sent within, say, an hour of a user abandoning their cart is a great and rather simple way to increase your conversion rate. But what else can you do as an ecommerce store to squeeze more out of email marketing? Continue reading