4 Cost Effective Marketing Tools that are Actually Fun to Use

by Friendbuy

January 27, 2014

Here are a four of our favorite, cost-effective marketing tools.  Of the many tactical tools we use for day-to-day marketing tasks, these stick out not only because they help drive more sales and conversions, but they're actually fun to use.  We think you'll like them, too.


Wistia provides dead simple tools to upload and host your marketing videos – allowing you to embed your content on your site, which is great for SEO.

Videos do a lot of heavy lifting for you, more than you might think. They make it easier to explain complicated topics, show your personality and leave people inspired.
If you regularly use SaaS tools for marketing, their workflows are idiot-proof. Don’t use marketing software much? That’s fine, too, because their tools are easy to understand and their support is top notch.

Producing your own videos may seem intimidating at first . . . until you watch the instructional videos in the Wistia learning center. All the ‘how to’ content is top notch, containing short yet highly informative production tips. You’ll walk away saying, “Hey, I can do that!”

Watch out. It’s addictive! You might find yourself scurrying down to Home Depot and your local photography store to buy lights and a tripod. We did. And don’t worry about expensive camera equipment, you can get started using your smartphone.


Landing pages help you increase conversions by delivering the right message to the right (read: targeted) visitor.  Landing pages are great for webinar sign ups, lead capture, ebook/whitepaper downloads to name a few.

For creating landing pages, Unbounce kills it. It’s another one of our favorite ‘anyone can do it’ marketing tools. Don’t know how to code? Great. You don’t need to.

There’s no heavy learning curve. The WYSIWIG template editor is easy to understand and before you know it, you’ll be creating awesome-looking pages and have fun doing it.

We regularly find ways to increase conversion goals by 20% to 30% with our landing pages. When you’re operating ‘at scale’ that’s a really big deal.


We view Optimizely as the friendly counterpart to Unbounce. While Unbounce makes it easy to build and A/B test landing pages for your targeted traffic, Optimizely lets you tweak existing page elements on your website, namely your main marketing site where the traffic and content is more general.

Optimizely is great for finding ‘quick wins’ like your calls to action, button copy and headlines. The product goes much deeper with advanced capabilities, but you can spend quite a bit of time just playing/testing the items above. One small navigation link test we’re running right now is yielding a 40% increase in sign ups. We’ll post about it when the test concludes.

Once installed, marketers can effortlessly change page elements without the assistance of front-end developers. Your website becomes a veritable playground for testing. We constantly come up with new variations to try. It’s very easy to use – such a ‘frictionless experience’ that you’ll actually look forward to testing. The payoff is great, too. It’s fun to show other people in your office your results, “Hey, man, look at this test I ran last week!”

Opt-in Monster

Capturing email addresses from abandoning site visitors is all the rage. If you’re new to the idea, here’s the basic gist: user behavior is monitored, via mouse movement, and when folks appear to be leaving your site (showing exit intent), a modal window pops up with an email capture form.

You can use it how you see fit. Get visitors to sign up for deals or encourage them to subscribe to your blog.

OptinMonster is marketer-friendly, working right out of the box with WordPress. There’s no need to get developers involved.  They also support integration with ESPs like AWEber, MailChimp, etc. and several other marketing platforms.

What’s more, the price is very reasonable. The Pro plan includes Exit Intent functionality and is only $199 per year – well below the competing prices you’ll find elsewhere. We had one support ticket and it was answered promptly.

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