How Your Customer Happiness Index (CHI) Affects Your Bottom Line and What You Can Do About It

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You learned from our last blog post why Customer Happiness Index (CHI) is a metric you can’t afford to ignore. Optimizing every touchpoint of the customer journey can be a powerful opportunity for growth and should be a consistent part of your ecommerce strategy. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos put it best: “We see our customers as […]

Could CHO Be More Important Than CRO? What You Need to Know About Customer Happiness Optimization

Customer Happiness - Featured Image
Imagine you woke up on December 21st and the present you’d ordered your beloved child for Christmas still had not been delivered. And not just any present ― but THE present. Like a Cabbage Patch Kid in the 80s, Tickle Me Elmo in the 90s, or Nintendo Wii in the 2000s. You’d start to freak out a […]

Here’s How the Rules of Ecommerce UX Have Changed Since Your Last Redesign

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Gone are the days when ecommerce brands could afford to do major redesigns of their store every few years… With technology constantly improving, ecommerce brands must continually test and iterate to improve user experience (UX). What do we mean by UX?  Robert Hoekman Jr., author of The Tao of User Experience, defines UX like so: