6 Myths About Referral Programs Debunked (#3 is the Worst)

Let's clear the air about referral programs and some commonly held (mis)beliefs.  Yeah, we know you have a lot of choices for attracting new customers – print, display, PPC, SEM, retargeting, etc. Heck, if you're lucky enough to have $4 million lying around, you can run a 30-second broadcast spot during the Super Bowl. But how much growth can you expect from these channels? More importantly, how efficient are these investments? Referral programs beat them all!  Let's zero-in on referral programs and dispel few myths...

16 Sweet Ecommerce Referral Programs: Awesome Widget Designs

ecommerce referral programs
I think a lot about ecommerce referral programs, especially from a metrics-driven, campaign performance perspective. Frankly, it's how everyone at Friendbuy rolls. We're steeped performance optimization and evangelizing referral program best practices to our customers. However... it's good once and awhile to turn off the hyper-analytical mind and marvel at the creative ways our customers are designing their referral widgets. Thought you might like a peek at some great artwork, too. Check it out.

Subscription Referral Programs: What You Need to Know

Subscription Referral Programs
A referral program is a marketing tactic wherein you (the marketer) encourage anyone you can reach (your customers, social followers and folks in your email list) to promote your product/service to their friends, A.K.A. your next customers. So what makes a subscription referral program unique?  What's different about them?

5 Tactics to Increase Referral Landing Page Conversions

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. An old adage that remains especially true when referred visitors (friends of folks who’ve shared your company) arrive at your web site. This is where you get to put on your conversion rate optimization (CRO) hat and put your best practices to good use! When a user clicks on a referral link and visits your site, what’s the first thing you want them to see and what’s the primary action you want them to take?