Marketing to Millennials: Here’s Why It Matters

Marketing for Millenials - Featured Image
Attracting millennials to your ecommerce store isn’t a marketing strategy. It’s a survival strategy. Gen Y buying behavior is a compass for where ecommerce is headed. So if you’ve merely been paying lip service to millennials, it’s time to go all in. As Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says, “All businesses need to be young forever. If […]

6 Super Noteworthy Customer Referral Program Ideas

Creative marketers tend to tweak stuff. You should see what some of them are doing (and you will in this post) with their referral campaigns. When you build marketing software, you tend to think your customers will use it “as intended.”  However, some power users (not all, but some) get creative and bend your product toward their own will, doing all […]

41 Word of Mouth Marketing Statistics. Plus a Few Opinions.

Millions of recommendations are happening all over the world at any given moment. In cubicles and living rooms and on the Internet. Every day in every language. We’ve all felt the power of a positive recommendation – the way your perspective instantly changes when a friend or family member says, “Oh, I’ve tried that thing! It’s awesome […]

16 Recurring Billing and Subscription Management Software Solutions

recurring billing software
I remember when Friendbuy was looking for – and evaluating – recurring billing software several years ago. Thanks to the venture capital community piling into this area of great need circa 2007-2011, a fresh crop of subscription billing platforms came onto the scene all at once, filling big gaps in the market for B2B SaaS companies like Friendbuy. This market development was clearly […]

Which Kind of Referral Email Template is Best?

Referral Email Templates Best Practices
We live in the age of social networks, so you might expect me to expound at length about how critical Facebook and Twitter are to making a referral marketing campaign successful. Well, here’s something you don’t hear every day – Email is by far the most important referral channel. So let’s not waste time. Here’s what you need […]