Here’s How the Rules of Ecommerce UX Have Changed Since Your Last Redesign

ecommerce ux rules
Gone are the days when ecommerce brands could afford to do major redesigns of their store every few years… With technology constantly improving, ecommerce brands must continually test and iterate to improve user experience (UX). What do we mean by UX?  Robert Hoekman Jr., author of The Tao of User Experience, defines UX like so:

47 Referral Program Examples Listed by Incentive Type (Plus Three Bonus Examples!)

Epic List of Referral Programs
We’re frequently asked for blog posts that show referral program examples. We get it, you’re hungry for ideas. In this post, we’ll group the examples by the types of referral incentives (free merchandise, store credit, etc.) you may wish to consider for your own program. Here’s an epic list of referral programs — grouped by incentives […]

Why Marketers Should Write Ecommerce Copy That Taps into These 4 Proven Facets of Desire

ecommerce copywriting tips
Quick — try and name a consumer brand that goes negative with in their advertising copy. I’ll wait. Can’t think of one? Neither can I. The only time you see negativity in marketing seems to be for public service announcements about smoking… Unlike politicians, marketers are terrified of hurting their brand value by connoting negative emotions […]

Referral Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

referral marketing tips
I’ve seen quite a few great referral programs. That’s one of the perks of working at Friendbuy – observing many (thousands of) campaigns.  It’s pretty easy to identify common traits shared by the best referral programs. The marketers behind exceptional referral campaigns focus on three key areas: location, promotion and optimization. Here’s a handy Venn diagram of those key referral marketing areas.