5 Tactics to Increase Referral Landing Page Conversions

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. An old adage that remains especially true when referred visitors (friends of folks who’ve shared your company) arrive at your web site. This is where you get to put on your conversion rate optimization (CRO) hat and put your best practices to good use! When a user clicks on a referral link and visits your site, what’s the first thing you want them to see and what’s the primary action you want them to take?

4 Examples of the Best Customer Referral Programs

best customer referral programs
The best customer referral programs, unsurprisingly, follow best practices (funny how that works!) While there are many tactics to consider, here are four essential strategies -- using real world examples -- that referral marketers are implementing every day to generate lift in user participation (more sharing) and referral acquisition (invited friends who convert).  What follows is 'low hanging fruit.'