How to Promote Your Customer Referral Program – Part 1 of 2

Part 1
In our last post, we discussed the importance of maximizing the reach of your customer referral program in order to increase your social referral volume. Making referral widgets freely available to your customers -- on as many digital surfaces as possible --  increases user participation in social sharing.  And, more sharing means more referral traffic. In this post, and next week's post (conveniently titled Part 1 and Part 2), we will describe how to get more customer referrals by adding widgets to each digital surface you control. This week we’ll cover the digital surfaces of your website. Next week we’ll cover the things you can do off site like emails, promotion on social profiles and how your customer service team can promote your referral program.

How to Increase Your Social Referral Volume

increasing volume
Here’s a refrain often heard from marketers who want to build a referral program, “I want my customers to share right after they buy something from me…on the order confirmation page.”  It’s an intuitive place to encourage your customers to share and refer their friends – tapping directly into their excitement right after they’ve signed up or bought something.  It makes sense to get folks to ‘shout from the mountaintop’ when they are excited. However, if you only deploy sharing widgets on your order confirmation page (or registration confirmation page), you leave a tremendous amount of opportunity on the table.